MUJI Community Market

Shincha Matsuri – First Harvest Tea from Kagoshima, Chiran Region
& Japan Imported Specialties.

Thursday, 8 June – Wednesday, 21 June 2023

The MUJI Community Market is an initiative aimed at bringing communities together, connecting people and supporting small businesses.

In conjunction with Japan’s Shincha season, this pop-up event features fresh and tasty Japanese first green tea harvest from Kagoshima, Chiran region. “Shincha” in Japanese means “New Tea” – new leaves from first harvest of the year (usually April – Mid May). As it is the first picking of new tea leaf shoots of the year, Shincha is also considered an auspicious item, only available during Spring in limited quantities. Packed with nutrients stored up during the winter season and well prized by Japanese tea enthusiasts, Shincha is considered to be fresher, sweeter and less astringent.

Come and experience Japan’s Shincha season at MUJI Plaza Singapura! Besides a variety of Shincha, there will be a selection of Japan imported specialties from small enterprise with a long standing history.

Any purchase of $80 and above qualifies you to register for 1 pax Traditional Matcha Tea Ceremony experience in the specially constructed Japanese tea room on Saturday / Sunday during the event period (Limited to 5 pax per session and 3 sessions per day). Please check in-store for more details.

About Kagoshima
Located in the Southern part of Japan, Kagoshima is blessed with fertile volcanic soil from its active volcano Sakurajima. Together with the subtropical mild climate and abundant sunlight, it has been producing premium quality tea in recent years. Kagoshima is one of the largest tea-producers in Japan, with its bulk produced in its Chiran region, Minami-Kyushu City.

Shincha & Premium Tea from Kagoshima

Hashikawa Seicha Co., Ltd.

A third-generation family owned tea manufacturer. Hashikawa Seicha has continuously ranked No.1 for many awards throughout the years since their grandparents started tea farming 70 years ago. They have once again received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award (No.1 in Japan) last year. Their tea farm is located at Ushirodake 後岳, an area in the northern part of Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, well known for producing tea with excellent taste, aroma and colour.

  • • Chirancha Ushirodake 100G
  • • Chirancha Shiratake 100G
  • • Shiratake (Freshly packed bulk tea - packed into tea canister at event)

Koiso Seicha Co., Ltd

Established in 1971, Koiso Seicha began tea production during the Meiji era in the mountainous area of Minami Kyushu, one of the Japan’s leading tea-producing areas, and introduced ride-on management machines and plucking machines early on. In response to the stagnant consumption of tea in Japan, they have been working on organic cultivation since 2012, producing and selling "Tencha", a raw material for matcha, for which demand is expanding both in Japan and overseas. Their production adopts environmentally friendly cultivation methods such as using organic fertilizers and microbial fertilizers, and minimum use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

  • • Kaimonmidori (Deep Steamed Tea) 100G
  • • Koiso Seicha Premium Matcha Set
  • • Chiran Shincha (Freshly packed bulk tea - Packed into tea canister at event)

Ocha No Haruichiban Co., Ltd

Born and raised in a tea producing family, the owner Koichi Yamaguchi, learned how to make tea at a training facility of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Shizuoka. Certified as an “Eco-Farmer” by the governor of Kagoshima Prefecture, the tea producer constantly innovates its agricultural production so that pesticides are reduced to the minimum from the cultivation stage, without sacrificing productivity and quality, to bring delicious and safe tea to its customers. Even his three children have been drinking the same tea since they were babies! The quality of the tea they produce is highly rated nationwide, and they have won numerous awards. Many people from all over the country come to visit for training because of how their tea is made so delicious and safe.

  • • Satsuma No Tsurugi 100G
  • • Yabuichiban 100G
  • • Tsurugi No Shizuku (Freshly packed bulk tea - Packed into tea canister at event)

Oritaen Co., Ltd

Oritaen’s tea are sold throughout Japan and overseas in America, Hong Kong, Taiwan. After 30 laborious years of trial and error, Oritaen prides itself in overcoming the difficult task for a mass tea producer to cultivate tea leaves without using herbicide, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.

  • • Chirancha Matcha 50G
  • • Special Fukamushi (Deep Steamed) Chiran Tea 100G
  • • Special Organic Green Tea 100G
  • • Premium Organic Green Tea Okumidori 100G
  • • Chiran Fukamushi (Deep Steamed) Tea Bag
  • • Chiran Organic Green Tea Bag
  • • Fukamushi Shincha (Freshly packed bulk tea - Packed into tea canister at event)

Harutonari Co., Ltd.

Nagayama Kazuhiro is a third-generation tea farmer in the mountainous area of Minami Kyushu that his grandfather had reclaimed with a just a hoe when there was no heavy machinery yet. After graduating from high school, he spent two years studying tea making at the former National Tea Research Institute in Shizuoka Prefecture. Harutonari is well known for its single estate, single origin green teas which have recently won silver and bronze award in the Japanese Tea Selection Paris.

  • • Harutonari Au 30G
  • • Harutonari Starter Set
  • • Okumidori (Freshly packed bulk tea - Packed into tea canister at event)

Fukuda Seicha Co., Ltd.

Their tea farm is located at Ushirodake 後岳, an area in the northern part of Minamikyushu City, Kagoshima, well known for producing tea with excellent taste, aroma and colour. Since 2014, they have been using bokashi fertilizer (fermented organic matter) from Shibushi City, cultivating delicious tea rich in natural minerals.

  • • Kagoshima Ushirodakesan Chirancha Asatsuyu 100G

Miyaharahikari Seicha Co., Ltd.

Also located at Ushirodake 後岳. The cool mountain climate is famous as a production area of high-grade tea. The fog that covers the area is caused by temperature differences between hot and cold, and it is said that areas with deep fog is pristine for growing tea. Their teas have won numerous awards like the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award four times, two consecutive wins at the Kagoshima Prefecture Product Fair and the first prize nationwide.

  • • Kiriwakafuji (Deep Steamed Tea) 90G

Goto Masayoshi Co., Ltd.

Masayoshi Goto Co., Ltd. is a company that processes and sells Chiran tea and operates restaurants in Chiran, Minami Kyushu. In their mission to promote the delicious Chiran region tea, they developed the eco-friendly and convenient freeze-dried tea cubes that dissolves easily in hot or cold water, deriving from tea leaves grown at Ushirodake 後岳.

  • • Charaku

Wakoen Co., Ltd

Wakoen’s green tea are certified by top organizations in the world. Including FSSC 22000, Eurofins, FDA, and JAS, so you know that what you are getting is a high quality product. Their farms are Rainforest Alliance Certified, meeting comprehensive standards for sustainable agriculture based on principles of: Biodiversity conservation / Improved livelihoods and human well-being / Natural resource conservation / Effective planning and farm management systems.

Try their award-winning teas: Convenient TEAET green tea powder, houjicha powder, yuzu green tea bags, rare rose green tea and its in-house premium brand Kakuhori Deep Steamed Tea Asatsuyu.

Wholesome Products from Chiba Prefecture

Kameda Shuzo Co., Ltd. X MUJI Japan (Brand: Nihonshu)

*Limited quantities available only from 12-21 Jun 2023 (While stocks lasts).

Kameda Shuzo is a sake brewery located in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture with a history of more than 200 years, up to the current 9th generation.

Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture is a production area of high-quality rice, and this area is well known for its “Nagasamai” rice since the Edo period. Unfortunately, the maintenance of paddy fields has become an issue as the population of the area is mostly elderly, and the rice paddies themselves sit on a slope, so it is tough for locals to keep them maintained.

As part of that support to help locals find ways to add value to their goods under the “MUJI Trust Activities”, MUJI Japan collaborated with Kameda Shuzo to produce this sake made from 100% Koshihikari rice (70% polished) from the Oyama district of Kamogawa City. Named simply “Nihonshu,” the sake is a Junmai Muroka Genshu, meaning it is not carbon filtered and has no added alcohol or even water to dilute it down.

Ishii Food Co., Ltd X Chibadan (Brand: CHIBABIO)

“CHIBABIO” is a sustainable food brand by the Chiba Prefecture Organization Liaison Committee – Chibadan. Its initiative the “Organic Village Chiba” aims to expand organic farming for environmental conservation and sustainable community development by gathering professionals in various fields related to organic in Chiba Prefecture. Ishii Food specializes in manufacturing of a wide variety of processed products that features the flavour of ingredients used. The Organic Brown Rice Tomato Risotto & Organic Satsumaimo Beniharuka Soup are collaborative products using organic vegetables procured from Chibadan as raw materials.

The Organic Brown Rice Tomato Risotto is made with organic brown rice "Isumikko" from Isumi City and organic cherry tomatoes from Yachimata City, cultivated using green manure and compost. This brown rice porridge has a refreshing tartness and umami of tomatoes.

The Satsumaimo Beniharuka Soup is a potage soup with a gentle sweetness from organic sweet potato Beniharuka (Sanmu City), finished with only salt. It is easy to consume even for small children and elderly people.

Kisaichi Brewing Co., Ltd (Brand: Kisaichi)

Founded in 1922, Kisaichi focused on brewing red vinegar (sake lees vinegar) for Edomae sushi. Most of its customers were sushi restaurants. Endorsed by professional chefs, Kisaichi currently produces a wide selection of vinegar products to cater to consumers at home. Their main raw material, sake lees, is made from ginjo sake lees produced by a major brewery in Echigo, famous for its elegant and dry sake, and is aged in Kisaichi’s own factory for more than three years.

The Rice and Sake Kasu Vinegar is a full-bodied vinegar with a gentle acidity taste profile. It adds a refreshing tartness and richness to dishes. Ideal for deep-fried foods, stir-fried foods, and Japanese-style dressings.

The Sushi Vinegar Edo-Style Flavour is made by adding sugar, salt, and dashi to brewed vinegar made from aged sake lees. It has a well-balanced taste of tartness, sweetness and saltiness. The mellow and profound aroma of aged sake lees with the umami and aroma of bonito and kelp enhances the taste of ingredients and recipes. For sushi rice, just add 25 to 30cc of this product to each cup of slightly hard Japanese rice to create authentic Edomae sushi rice. Or use it in Japanese-style dressing with oil.

Nagai Shoten Co., Ltd (Brand: Nagai)

High quality soup stock is very important in Japanese recipes. Nagai Shoten is an old establishment manufacturing bonito flakes since 1920. The Company is very particular about using only quality raw materials and maintaining traditional manufacturing methods. Its Boshu Dried Mackerel Flakes are made from mackerel caught when it tastes best, prior to spawning (March to May). The product is certified by Chiba Prefecture, as a Chiba Brand Marine Product due to its unique production method and high quality.

It can be used as a topping for cooking and suitable for udon and soup. The dried mackerel flakes is suitable for recipes that require a strong flavourful dashi stock.

Segawa Peanuts Co., Ltd (Brand: Bocchi)

The brand name Bocchi comes from a Chiba dialect that refers to the field piles that are piled up in the field to dry the harvested peanuts, and it is an autumn tradition. It represents the care and essence of hand-made products. The brand is an initiative to bring together farmers for the future of safe and sustainable peanut production in Chiba. The Company shares farmland management and cultivation know-how, as well as organizes events and product development projects with existing and new farmers.

Segawa Peanuts uses high-quality peanuts grown in the rich nature of Kujukuri, Boso Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture. The Hatake De Toreta Peanut Paste is made with pesticides-free and chemical fertilizers-free peanuts, carefully roasted and made into a smooth paste. The added beet sugar, crushed peanuts and Agehama-style sea salt from Kujukuri, brings out the flavour of peanuts even more.

Sunrise Salt Co., Ltd (Brand: Sunrise)

Sunrise salt started out specializing in marine processing centred on processing of dried sardines. In 2010, it ventured into making its own salt to use as a raw material in their marine food processing. Sea Salt Makibi No Shio is made using seawater off the coast of Kujukuri in Chiba Prefecture, slowly cooked using the traditional “hiragama” open iron salt-kettle method and firewood. The natural salt brings out the umami of the ingredients, perfect for everyday cooking.

Ito Shoten Co., Ltd (Brand: Ito Shoten)

Ito Shoten specializes in processed marine products and manufactures a variety of healthy ready to eat food. It aims to preserve and promote the Japanese culture of consuming fish and to convey the thoughts of the producers working behind the scene to consumers via its sale booths and events. Through its variety of convenient ready to eat cooked packs, consumers can always readily enjoy their food easily and reap the benefits of fish nutrients.

The Oil Sardine is sardine simmered with garlic and bay leaves in olive oil. It goes well with wine or beer. It is delicious on top of bread too. The Spicy Oil Sardine is made with fatty sardines from Choshi, simmered in Italian extra virgin oil until the bones are soft with an added tinge of spice. It goes well with wine or beer. It can also be used for dishes such as pasta.

Mizuya Shoten Co., Ltd (Brand: Mizuya)

Mizuya Shoten is a long-established company founded 105 years ago. Their traditional soy sauce rice crackers are made using the same recipe handed down since its establishment. The rice cracker is made from glutinous rice from Chiba Prefecture, a secret soy sauce recipe and sugar. The process of transforming glutinous rice to rice cracker takes 10 days and carefully manufactured by craftsmen, so that consumers can still enjoy its traditional taste.

Café&Meal MUJI Plaza Singapura Exclusive Limited-Time Menu

Menu curated from Kagoshima Green Tea Series

Introducing an exclusive and limited-time menu crafted with the Oritaen’s aromatic Kagoshima Green Tea (sold at MUJI Plaza Singapura Community Market).

Featuring the Salmon Ochazuke with tender torched salmon nestled on fluffy Japanese rice, embraced by deep-steamed green tea-infused umami broth, adorned with furikake, spring onions, and bonito flakes. A harmonious fusion that leaves you craving more.

Delectable Desserts made with quality matcha - Matcha Tiramisu Pudding, layers of velvety Matcha Mascarpone Cream, Green Tea-soaked Finger Sponge, and luscious Green Tea Pudding with a delightful hint of bitterness. Matcha and Mandarin Orange Swiss Roll, a green tea-infused swiss roll with matcha cream filling and refreshing bursts of citrus from mandarin orange pieces.

Complete the meal sipping comforting Tea that will envelops your palate with a velvety smoothness - Choose from Fukamushi (Deep Steamed) Tea, Oritaen's 100% first harvest tea sourced directly from their own farm. Meticulously deep-steamed, it delivers a mild, smooth taste with minimal astringency, or Organic Green Tea, with captivating aroma of JAS certified organic first harvest green tea, nurtured in Oritaen's serene tea garden amidst tranquil forests.