Thoughts from the
birth of MUJI

Since MUJI was founded in 1980, we’ve been manufacturing from three perspectives: "Selection of Materials", "Review of Processes" and "Simplification of Packaging". We choose materials that take into account the global environment and producers, eliminate waste in all processes, and provide customers with what they really need in the form they really need.

MUJI was born of an unwavering mindfulness towards the allure of the natural, delivering functional basic necessities in life without the frills and excess packaging - in genuine colours, in natural materials, in unbleached papers and cloth.

Reducing Plastic Bags Wastage

Do away with single-use plastic! In the spirit of reducing waste and conserving resources, we would like to encourage all customers to bring your own bags, reuse our brown paper bags or purchase our range of reusable bags and carriers while shopping at MUJI.

Turkish Cotton My Bag

These bags are made of 100% organic cotton and are convenient to fold and carry. Add a touch of personalization with fabric crayons, stamps, or embroidery. Thin and sturdy, they make great gift bags too!

Indian Cotton My Tote Bag

A basic tote bag made of canvas with just the right thickness. The usage of undyed natural fabric help kept the price down. Made without wasting fabric by using less complex processes and parts, it boasts a simple design with ample storage capacity.

Water Repellent My Tote Bag

Simple design, the bags are made of a water repellent material, useful for rainy days. Designed to avoid wastage, it has a roomy capacity with functional pockets to maximize storage. Easily fold them into a compact size for storing when not in used.

Polyethylene Sheet Tote Bag

Made of sturdy all-weather polyethylene, the same durable materials used for curing sheets. The bags are convenient to tote around tools and recreational goods. With two types of handles, long and short, you can use them according to the situation. The handle sewn part has a handy loop to attach your travel S-shaped hook or key ring.

Paraglider Cloth Foldable Bags

Pocketable bags available in a range of designs are made from the same fabric used in paragliders. Lightweight and durable, it folds up to a compact size when not in used.

Moving to Paper Packaging

With the aim of recycling global resources and reducing waste, we are gradually reviewing the materials used for product packaging, and working on the reduction of plastic material consumption in various ways, beginning with a shift to paper packaging. Hooks and hangers for garment accessories such as socks, stoles and belts have since been replaced with paper material. We will continue to review other product range to be packaged in an eco-friendly method as well.