Sleep naturally.

In order to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, the quality of your sleep is more important than its duration.
For instance, pay attention to the feel of your bedding and how comfortable your pajamas are.
If you do that, you will be able to enjoy more restful sleep than usual.
Having a good day starts with a good night's sleep.

A good night's sleep starts with having comfortable bedding.

It is important to choose bedding that is suitable for you so that you can sleep comfortably.
Make the necessary bedtime preparations such as changing your bedsheets and pajamas as temperatures and the weather change.

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The warmth of
being wrapped snugly
will give you
a good night's sleep

Your bedding is your best friend that can create the perfect environment for you to enjoy a night of uninterrupted rest.
Choose bedding with the right material, texture, elasticity, etc., so that you can enjoy your bedtime even more.

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Changing into your pajamas
is the beginning
of bedtime

In some sense, pajamas are uniforms that have been designed exclusively for bedtime.
Everything from their texture, ability to absorb moisture, to their shape has been designed to allow for the most comfortable sleep.
Changing into pajamas turns on your "bedtime switch" by signaling to your body to prepare for bedtime.

Give your immune system a boost with quality sleep

Have you felt like it is becoming more stressful both physically and mentally as you continue to stay home and follow a routine that is completely different from before?
It is said that changing into pajamas as your nightwear when going to bed not only helps to shift your mind from an active to a relaxed state, but it also turns on your "bedtime switch" which allows you to have a more restful sleep.

Everything in life is indissociable from sleep.

How you spend your day tomorrow is determined by the quality of your sleep tonight, and the same is true for your appetite.
By ensuring an active mind and body during the day, you can make yourself more "hungry" for sleep, which will allow you to naturally fall asleep at night.

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A good night's sleep
is made possible by
what is in your body

It is said that your diet and quality of sleep are intimately related.
Try having meals that are delicious and conducive for sleep.
You can drink something warm such as soup or herbal tea late at night to feel satiated, which can help you to achieve quality sleep.

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A relaxing aroma helps
to create the perfect
conditions for bedtime

Making use of the power of aromas is a shortcut to a good night's sleep.
Try changing the ambient smell during different times of the day to help you shift into the right state of mind and create the perfect conditions for sleeping.
We recommend using relaxing scents such as sweet orange and lavender for bedtime.

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The essential ingredients
for a good sleep:
Get ready

Falling asleep requires a drop in your core body temperature.
If you take a slow, relaxing bath with lukewarm water and make your body nice and warm, its temperature will gradually drop and naturally lull you to sleep.

Wake naturally.