New Lifestyle,
New Normal

Since the pandemic, many of us have adapted and made changes to our daily routines with new perspectives and thoughts to the way of life, developing a new normal. We’ve taken a closer look into these lifestyle changes to shed light on how MUJI can support individuals in various aspects of everyday living.

As MUJI Singapore turns 18 this year, we thank you for your continuous support that allows us to emerge stronger, where we continue to grow and be part of your essential daily lives, bringing to you lifestyle basics which are truly fundamental for day-to-day living.

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Change in Beauty Routine

With more time spent at home, greater focus is now placed on skincare; while makeup trends move towards embracing a minimal, less-is-more approach. An increased awareness is also prioritized on overall hygiene, health and wellbeing.

Natural Makeup

As protective masks become an integral part of our lives, makeup preferences have changed from being dewy to matte look, while eye makeup has become an increasing focus.

For a natural, healthy look, opt for makeup with natural color tone, and ideally a series with moisturizing ingredients.

Hydrate and Moisturize

Skincare focus has now shifted towards hydration and many of us are masking more often.

Made using moisturizing ingredients combined with natural water from Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture, MUJI’s series of skincare products has a natural PH value that can be easily absorbed into the skin.

Organizing Cosmetic Products

An organized storage of cosmetics can reduce the time spent searching for items. Use functional storage boxes in different combinations for your organization needs.

Organizing Skincare Products

Select makeup boxes of different sizes according to your needs. The box can be stacked to store items efficiently.


Relaxing in a Fast-Paced Digital World

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization and since transformed the way we interact. It is easy to get overwhelmed in today’s fast-paced environment, hence we will be introducing some tips to relax and reduce stress amidst this new-age digital world.

Aroma from Nature

Transform your mood and productivity with aromas. Put on a relaxing scent especially during a stressful virtual meeting, or an invigorating scent to promote concentration while working.

MUJI’s essential oils are extracted from fruits and plants sourced with care from around the world. Enjoy the natural aroma with a diffuser type that suits your needs.

Take a Break

While working from home, we’re walking shorter distances and lesser movements around. Try taking more breaks to work better and drive productivity. Get up from your workspace every 30 minutes to stretch and move around, plug in to soothing music and keep some healthy snacks and a water pot nearby.


Better Hygiene Practices

With masks becoming an essential commodity of our daily life, here’s some tools which can help keep your mask clean and accessible for the next use.

Clean & Store your Face Masks

Wash cloth masks regularly to keep it clean and designate a clean, dry area to keep your masks properly. The adjustable non-woven fabric separation case is useful as a partition to store and separate different masks, and its height can be adjusted by folding down. You can also reduce plastic waste by using reusable spray bottles for your sanitizer refills.

Mask Comfort and Variety

When wearing a mask, it should feel comfortable and fit snugly around the nose and chin area. Considering the daily usage, MUJI offers a variety of masks made of materials that feel soft on the skin. Attach a mask sticker and drop your favourite essential oil to create a natural fragrance when wearing masks.

Work from Home & Office

Home Workspace Configurations

Dedicating a workspace at home can help separate work from leisure. Explore solutions that can cater to flexibility in both home and work arrangement according to varying needs.

Standard Table & Chair

Setup your own personal working area by combining Oak Wood Desk with Drawers, Oak Wood Desk Top Shelf and Oak Wood Cabinet. Its compact size is great for working comfortably at home without taking up too much space.

Easy to Setup and Stow Away

Foldable tables can help make effective use of limited space and can be used as both a dining table and a working desk. Stow it away easily when you’re not working to free up space for other usage.

An Extended Table from Shelf

A Stainless Unit Shelf (SUS) allows the flexibility to adjust the height and width, with optional parts that can be added to efficiently store a wide range of items. By combining a folding table with a unit shelf, it becomes a place that can host multiple functions; a work desk in the day and a dining table at night that is wide enough for friends to gather.

Working Desk within a Shelf

The Stainless Unit Shelf (SUS) can be easily transformed into a compact working desk. Try converting a shelf space as a built-in work desk if space is a constraint and if you do not need a lot of space for your workstation at home.

Work from Home & Office

Work-from-Home Environment

With working from home (WFH) becoming a relatively commonplace; a comfortable working environment can help remove the strain of longer hours spent studying or working from home.

Comfortable Working Conditions

Create comfortable working conditions to boost productivity and curate a conducive environment. Add a comfortable padding to your seat and keep air in the room well circulated with a circulator fan.

Dressed for Work

It may be challenging to unplug from work when there are no physical boundaries to distinguish between home and an office. A change from sleep wear to comfortable work wear can help make a switch in mood and sets the tone for your day.

Work from Home & Office

Home Working Desk Organization

Working well begins with an efficient organization that caters to your lifestyle. Make your home a productive learning and working space with MUJI as we offer versatile, uniformed-size storage units that can be combined freely according to different storage needs.

Acrylic Storage

The transparent acrylic material makes it easy to recognize items stored inside for convenient use. Standard modular sizes allow customization of your own storage system to compartmentalize desktop stationery for efficient organising.

MDF Storage

The MDF storage units with ash wood veneer offer useful desktop and shelving storage. Organize small items that tend to get scattered in neat units that fit well together. The unique drawer design made it possible to be used horizontally or vertically by rotating the orientation of the drawers.

PP File Box

The Polypropylene File Box is designed in a standard modular shape which fits and aligns perfectly with one another to create various combinations and possibilities. It's handy fingerhole design enables you to easily retrieve the file box from a high shelf with a single pull.

PP Storage with Arrangement Case

The semi-translucent property of the Polypropylene Storage Units helps obscure the stored contents for a neat appearance. Make use of partition cases to further divide storage space and separate small items appropriately so that you can identify where they are at ease.

Work from Home & Office

Facilitating between WFH & WFO

While transiting between home and office, look for tools that can help bring convenience and comfort for increased work efficiency.

Comfort while Transiting

With the new hybrid approach to work calling for partial WFO and WFH schedules, sometimes employees have to bring work and laptop to-and-fro home and workplace. Have a comfortable bag to house your work essentials, while a bag organizer helps keep everything neatly organized and always within reach.

Flexible Personal Storage

Many office working spaces have been converted into co-shared hot-desking arrangements. With no fixed desk assigned, it is important to look for flexible organization solutions. The collapsible cardboard range of storage units can be easily assembled or folded flat when not in use to reduce storage space.

Keep your Work Tasks Organized

Keep on top of tasks easily while toggling between your work at home and at the office. Perforated masking tape allows you to write with a water-based pen. You can use them to create a to-do list, schedule book or storage identification labels.

Customize your own Notebook

Customize your own loose-leaf notebook that is easy to use and carry around. The loose-leaf uses paper material that is carefully chosen for improved writing experience and resistant to ink seepage. Refillable options allow the flexibility to rearrange your notes.

Home Living

Hangouts shifted from Outdoor to Indoor

Optimize your storage space and create a comfortable space to cater for more time spent indoors gathering with friends and family.

Relaxing Space

Curate a movable lounge space for friends gathering and individual times. A Beads Cushion is a cozy addition to any room, and the perfect place to take a break with a cup of tea.

Conceal Items Out of Sight

With more gatherings at home, organize and conceal items out of sight with storage units. MUJI PP storage comes in various types and sizes so you can flexibly combine them according to your purpose and available space.

Home Living

Increased Home Activities

With the rise of home activities from more time spent at home, look for daily goods, tools and storages that can support you for a convenient, hassle-free routine.

Home Cooking

The pandemic has since shaped new cooking trends and many are now partaking in more home cooking. The Silicone Tools series are useful for different kinds of cooking you may do at home. They are sturdy yet flexible and high-heat resistant. The silicone tip doesn’t scratch or damage pots or pans.

Storage for Homewares

Kitchen drawers often get cluttered easily. The PP Arrangement Cases are modular in design and are a convenient organizer to compartmentalize and hold cutleries and small kitchen accessories. Group things and store them in accordance with the usage frequency for ease of retrieval.

Fuss-free Laundry

More time spent at home contributes to more laundries. Make your everyday laundry more convenient and pleasant with the right tools. The shape of the hanger is specially designed to prevent deformity of the shoulder line, with thinner style available to save wardrobe's space.

Tools for Easy Cleaning

To enhance laundry efficiency, soak your clothes with diluted detergent before using a washing machine. The PP Bucket features a scale indicating volume by litre so you can adjust the portion of water and detergent easily. The PP Dustbin slim design fits perfectly into corners and small spaces with the choice to select a lid type that best suits your needs.

Active Lifestyle

Developing New Interests

New hobbies and interest are great ways to inject positivity and unwind from daily routine amid the pandemic, with hands-on hobbies like crocheting, crafts and gardening gaining tractions.

Ease Tension with Creativity

Journal your thoughts with a stream of consciousness writing or direct your creativity with arts and crafts.

Urban Gardening

An indoor herb garden is a fun way to bring life into your home. You can start by growing edible plants or flowers for your kitchen.

Active Lifestyle

Escaping Monotony

Locals are turning to explore local places as a short getaway to break the monotony of daily routines.


Enjoy a carefree journey and prepare with ease for your staycation with compact, handy travel accessories.

Exploring Tourist Attractions and Café Hopping

Dress in comfort with natural materials that feel soft and smooth on the skin, and accessories made of water-repellent materials help you cope with weather changes when travelling.

Active Lifestyle

Leading a More Active Lifestyle

The pandemic has driven a revitalized appreciation for an active lifestyle and a renewed way of friends and family bonding by getting fit together.

Studio and Outdoor Activities

With the surge in taking up more activities such as yoga, spinning classes or even family hikes on weekends, these accessories work great to support the new-found active lifestyle.

Home Workout Sessions

The soft and stretchy walker activewear series are equipped with sweat absorbent and quick-drying features that are ideal for the increased at-home exercises and even outdoor activities.