We've recently caught up with Zi Xi in her beautiful home-garden. A Singaporean based Artist and Illustrator whose unique style and memorable work has earned her the opportunity to work alongside collaborators as diverse as graphic designers, fashion labels and museums. Read on to find out what inspires Zi Xi and even steal a tip or two on being a green-finger!

What are you occupied with recently?
Recently, I’ve just completed Artx30, a collaborative project with an artist from China. I am in the midst of working on three murals for Converse’s upcoming flagship store while mentoring some of their All Stars Team members. There’s a couple of ongoing projects with CapitaLand running in the background that should be completed by end of this year. Besides commercial works, I am also an adjunct lecturer at NAFA for their Illustration and Animation course.

Where do you usually find your artwork inspirations from?
Nature is a big influence for my artworks. There is a lot that we can learn from Mother Nature, and the diversity of flora and fauna fascinates me. The shapes, textures, colours and other exotic species of plants, as well as well as animals that I’ve discovered along the way is so enthralling and therefore, piqued my curiosity.

It seems like you has a deep fondness for plants, how do you take care of them? Is there a favourite and what are some planting tips you would like to share with our readers?
I seem to have an innate desire to nurture another living thing. For me, it’s a moment of breather, where I can unwind and care for my plants individually. My favourite plant would be the Stephenia Kaweesakii, which has big round leaves similar to the those of a lotus. It is my favourite because it is relatively easy to care for, and I am very attracted to its leaves.

As for planting tips, we should only buy the plant if we are able to provide it with the suitable conditions. For example, high-rise apartments receives a limited amount of sunlight, hence it may not be a good idea to keep outdoor plants in an indoor environment.

How would you describe your style?
Casual and comfortable — I believe in buying clothing that are well-made and timeless; I also avoid being pressured by fashion trends. In the instance of working on painting murals or setting up an installation, it is important to be in clothing that provides comfort and allows flexibility in movement.

What do you like about MUJI wear, and can you share what are some of your favourite MUJI wear?
I love the one-piece cotton shirt dresses from MUJI, as they are simple and classy, perfect for casual outings. It’s usually very easy to mix and match MUJI clothing for daily or workwear when I’m giving lectures.

You’ve tried on new ways to coordinate your outfit in this photoshoot, do you see yourself trying these styles more often, and why?
I felt very much at home in the MUJI outfits that I’ve tried on today. The style in this photoshoot is not far from how I would sometimes dress for meetings or school. Although, this definitely showed me more options of coordinating pieces from my wardrobe.

In year 2021 what are you looking forward to?
I really hope to make time for a new personal project.

Anything you would like to tell the readers?
The stainless steel MUJI watering can is a must-have for any gardener! Haha!