Durable and cool everyday clothing.linen clothinglinen and hemp

Linen and hemp are durable and supple natural fabrics that become more comfortable the more you wash them, blending seamlessly into your daily life.MUJI offers an assortment of cool everyday wear perfect even for summer, including dresses, shirts, and bottoms.These fabrics' superior moisture absorption allows them to quickly absorb any perspiration, making them comfortable to wear all day long.

MUJI's linen and hemp

  • Unbleached, natural color

    The term "natural" for linen and hemp does not refer to their color but the fact that they have not been bleached. To allow our customers to enjoy materials in their natural state and in view of the environmental pollution caused by bleaching, MUJI is pleased to offer a wide range of items made of natural materials.

  • Gets softer with every wash

    Linen and hemp are believed to be one of the strongest fibers in nature. As their fibers become stronger when wet, you can look forward to a softer material and deeper texture the more you use and wash these fabrics.

  • Environmentally friendly natural materials

    Both linen and hemp derives from fast-growing plants that can be cultivated sustainably with almost no pesticide and little water. These plants also improve the quality of the soil which they are grown in, making these materials highly environmentally friendly.

A variety of flax

  • Linen

    Excellent permeability to air and moisture absorption/desorption, durable, and dries quickly

  • Hemp

    Lower environmental impact than linen, coupled with natural antibacterial and UV-blocking properties

  • Jute

    Stable material perfect for making bags for grains, etc., due to its shorter fiber length and lower elasticity as compared to linen


Our long-sleeve spring dresses with stand collars and French-sleeve/sleeveless summer dresses feature three-dimensional silhouettes created with a generous amount of fabric.


Our shirts come with popular stand collars and our blouses with three-quarter sleeves or short sleeves, giving each item a different look and feel. Shirts with knotted buttons are available in both men's and women's sizes.


These products are processed with our UV-blocking technology, making them perfect for seasons when harmful UV rays are a concern. They can be washed at home and remain clean even when worn on days which you may sweat more. They are available in four colors that are easily matched with our bottoms.


Besides slim-fit pants and wider straight pants, our collection this year also features balloon pants with an airy silhouette. The rubber waistband of these pants makes them easy to wear. Our skirts have a straight cut with a closer fit.


How to incorporate our linen/hemp products into your everyday life

Linen and hemp are among the strongest fibers found in nature.As these fabrics become softer and matures in texture the more you use and wash them, the passage of time will bring about greater attachment instead of a deterioration in quality.Here are some useful tips for keeping your precious clothes in top condition for a long time.

  • Washing

    Linen and hemp fibrous strength increases when wet, therefore it is able to withstand repeated washings in the washing machine. However, make sure to avoid using bleach and whitening agents as they can damage the fibers and cause discoloration.

  • Drying

    Straighten the shape and smooth out the wrinkles before hanging it to dry, this will make the ironing afterwards smoother. As the fabric is firm, you can also enjoy the natural texture without the need to iron. Linen fibers are hollow so it absorbs water and dries quickly when hung in a well-ventilated area.

  • Ironing

    When ironing, it is recommended to start from the inside to smooth out small creases before ironing the front with greater force. A buffer such as a pressing cloth can be placed between the hot iron and the fabric to prevent press marks or flattening them to the point of creating a shine.

  • Storage

    Linen and hemp products are best stored in dry and cool places. Avoid sealing them in plastic bags for a long period of time, as poor ventilation may result in the growth of mold. It is also recommended to wrap your clothes in thin paper to prevent dust fromm adhering to the fabric.