Natural Material MUJI T-shirt

As a daily apparel, not only is it important to consider factors such as comfort, stretchability and durability; the ease of coordination of your everyday look matters too. Through finding the right size and material for oneself, everyone can have a T-shirt just right for them. Besides, with the improvement in yarn twist, MUJI Organic Cotton T-Shirts are made by different knitting methods that form varying fabric texture and adds versatility in your daily coordination.

While considering the relationship between humans and nature, MUJI uses organic cotton cultivated in soil that has remained free from the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers for more than 3 years, reducing the burden on both the growers and environment. The cotton for the T-shirt is carefully handpicked by workers, hence these fibres are less likely to be damaged than if they were harvested by machine, with the capability in retaining its soft texture.

In our T-shirt campaign, we met up with a filmmaker and crafters of different trades, who inspire us with their passion and creativity. Read on as they share with us the importance of comfort wear while at work and how MUJI T-shirt plays a role in it.

Everyday Comfort

Meet Gladys, @gldysng


Meet Seok & Michelle, @mudrockceramics

Ceramics artists

Meet Ryan, Morgan and Lincoln, @rogerandsons

Makers of fine furniture and objects