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Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people from all around the world have adapted into a myriad of lifestyle changes one way or another, from social distancing to working from home. The aftermath has resulted in lesser physical communication, people feel lonelier and isolated more so than before.

This year Christmas may seem a little different, but it is the season to reconnect with our loved ones. A gift from family, friends or an important person on Christmas fills hearts with joy and warmth. Show your appreciation towards someone by gifting a thoughtful and useful item from MUJI.

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Make someone’s day with a MUJI Christmas Gift! We’ve rounded up specially curated gift sets, practical household and garment items, crockery, sweet treats, cleaning tools and many more! It is easy to find a MUJI Gift that suits different individuals, take your inspiration from the gift recommendations by MUJI staff; roll over the items marked with a heart icon to reveal the thoughts behind the chosen gift!

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Dive into the holiday spirit as we begin our Christmas decoration and prepare our home for the Festive Season. The key to a pleasant, efficient cleaning experience is to choose the right tools for what you are cleaning.

Cleaning System Series

$6.90 - $8.90

Dear mum, Thank you for keeping the house clean and our family in good health. Hope the cleaning system tools will make cleaning time easier for you!

Cleaning System Carpet Cleaner


PET Bottle Brush

$3.90 / $4.90
(S / L Size)

Polypropylene (PP) Bucket with Lid


Portable Stretchy Bath Sponge & Hanging Case

$5.30 / $20.90
(Bath Sponge / Hanging Case)

Dear Friend, For you who love working out, the bath sponge and hanging case combination are convenient, portable and keep everything in place for your gym session.

PP Toothbrush Set of 5 (Clear)


Shower Brush



20% OFF U.P. $5.30 - $33.00
(19 Nov - 16 Dec’20)

Hand, Face and Bath Towels

PP File Box

$9.60 - $23.00

Dear Colleague, Hope this helps to organize your documents so that it’s easier to find what you need. Wishing you a happy life with an organized desk!

Organize Your Bins

Optional lids are sold separately and are available in different designs so you get to choose the type that best suits your needs and space!

*Only selected designs are available

Flooring Mop Usage Illustration

Designed for versatility, the cleaning system floor mop allows you to use various different attachments to clean the floor.

Tools to Make Cleaning Easier

A cleaning experience is made pleasant when you’ve got the right tools at your disposal. Keep your cleaning process stress-free and efficient with the right array of cleaning tools.

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Living with Room Slippers

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This Christmas, enjoy a merry meal with a hearty festive 4 Deli Set put together using healthy and natural ingredients.

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