MUJI traveled to the Galapagos Islands, which were created by the eruption of a submarine volcano about 5 million years ago. It’s believed that before long, giant tortoises and iguanas drifted ashore, and some of them adapted to the environment. Reptiles play the leading role on these islands. Because Darwin gleaned his biological revelations from this environment, the Galapagos Islands are referred to as sacred grounds of evolutionary theory. Nature here, simple, holds much tension. If you scoop up and examine the sand of these new islands, you understand its components in detail: animal bones, coral shards, shells, and fragments of lava. As for the animals, they are completely unafraid of humans. We felt as if we had become invisible to them. Asking, “Is it OK for people to be here?”, they reply, “Yes, it’s OK.” But they bask in such exquisite harmony and happiness with their environment that if we were to touch them, they might disappear in the blink of an eye. Our model always lies in the natural world. With artificial intelligence, we are about to take civilization to the next step, but at this juncture, we’d like to focus our attention on nature’s wisdom once more.



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Release on February 28, 2018