• Instant Masala Chai Tea

Instant Masala Chai Tea

Hot drink: Put 17g (4 and half tea spoons) of the product in a warmed cup. Pour hot boiled water (about 140ml) over it. Stir well.
Cold drink: Put 17g of the product in a cup. Pour small amount of boiled water over it. Stir well. Add ice and cold water.
(Adjust amount of powder to make your favourite taste. Add variation using milk instead of water.)

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONScardamom powder,casein sodium,cinnamon powder,clove powder,cream,creaming powder,dextrin,emulsifier,ginger extract powder,ginger juice,lactose,oxidized silicon,pH adjuster,processed milk,protein concentrated whey powder,seasoning (nucleic acid and such),skim milk powder,spices extract,star anise powder,sugar(manufactured in Japan),sweetened condensed skim milk,table salt,tea,tea extract powder,vegetable oil (and fat),whole powdered milk,yeast extract,yeast extract powder,(part of the raw materials contain milk constituent and soybean)