• Instant Blood  Orange & Lemon

Instant Blood Orange & Lemon

●Directions [approx. 7 servings by using 14g per serving]

Put 14g of the product – (3.5 tea spoons), pour 140ml of hot water or cold water and stir it well (adjust the thickness as you like).

●Serving suggestion
・Mix with gin, vodka or Shochu for a cocktail. Dissolve the powder first with water and mix with alcohol as the powder may not be easily dissolved with only alcohol.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSsugar(manufactured in Japan)、dextrin、blood orange juice powder(dextrin、blood orange juice)、lemon juice powder(dextrin、lemon juice)、table salt、vegetable oil (and fat)/acidity、V.C、thickener(cmc)、flavor、sweetener(acesulfame-K)、color(monascus、carotene)、(part of the raw materials contain orange)