• Soymilk Potage With Soybeans & Corn

Soymilk Potage With Soybeans & Corn

1. Open a packet and place it into a bowl
2. Pour about 160ml of hot water (Add in your desire amount of water to adjust the taste)
3. Stir continuously for about 1 minute or until the cube is fully dissolved.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONScreaming powder、green soybean powder、dextrin、corn powder、soy milk powder、starch、ingredients of chicken、cheese powder、table salt、sugar、onion extract seasoning、chicken extract seasoning、yeast extract、gelatin、butter、spices、dried ingredient(green soybean(China)、dried corn、dried parsley)/thickener(processed starch)、food color(safflower yellow、gardenia)、emulsifier、antioxidant(vitamin E)、(part of the raw materials contain wheat, milk constituent, soybean, chicken and gelatin)