• Sesame Seeds and Miso Soup for Rice

Sesame Seeds and Miso Soup for Rice

To warm in a pan of boiling water: Submerge the package in boiling water without unsealing the package for approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Pour the content over 150g of hot rice(one bowl of lightly packed rice).
To warm using microwave oven: Unseal the package and transfer the content into a deep bowl. Cover it with cling wrap. Heating time will vary depending on the model or wattage of the microwave oven. Please read the instruction manuals of your microwave oven, and adjust the cooking time accordingly.(For your reference, to warm it in a 500W microwave oven, only the Gomamiso tantan soup: approximately 2 minutes, the Gomamiso tantan soup over rice: approximately 3 minutes)

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSpork(made in Japan)、boiled bamboo shoot、boiled shiitake(boiled chinese mushroom)、chicken extract、starch、sesame paste、doubanjiang(soybean sauce paste)、ground sesame seeds、vegetable(garlic、leek)、sesame oil、miso、chili pepper miso、sugar、Shaoxing rice wine、soy milk、rapeseed oil、leek oil、grated ginger、soy sauce、Sichuan pepper oil、pork extract、yeast extract、spices/ethanol、antioxidant (V.C)、(partly、wheat、sesame、soy bean、chicken、and pork)