• Soy Meat Balls

Soy Meat Balls

To warm using microwave oven: Unseal the package and transfer the content into a deep bowl. Cover it with cling wrap. Heating time will vary depending on the model or wattage of the microwave oven. (Approximate heating time: about 40 seconds for 600W, 50 seconds for 500W)
*Enjoy with your favourite sauce such as demiglace sauce or onion sauce.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSgranular vegetable protein(manufactured in China、(manufactured in Japan))、onion saute、vegetable oil (and fat)、bread crumb、frying oil (vegetable oil (and fat))、starch syrup、powdered vegetable protein、powdered egg white、starch、Hydrolyzed protein、fermented seasoning、spices、table salt、onion extract、powdered cacao/processed starch、casein sodium、(part of the raw materials contain wheat, egg, milk constituent and soybean)