• Handmade Laksa (Coconut Milk Curry Noodle Soup)

Handmade Laksa (Coconut Milk Curry Noodle Soup)

Cooking time approx.25 minutes)
Pho 100g
Laksa soup base 80g
Fish sauce 10g

Other Ingredients to be prepared
Peeled shrimp - 8pcs
Bean sprouts - 1/2 bag (80 - 100g)
Egg - 1
Water - 500ml

How to prepare
1. Boil the bean sprouts quickly, boil the eggs and cut them in half.
2. Boil the pho in boiling water for 5 minutes and put it in a colander
3. Put 500ml of water in a pan. When it boils, add the ingredients of laska soup base and shrimp, once the shrimp is cooked add fish sauce.
4. Put the pho of ② and the ingredients / soup of ③ in the bowl in half and put the bean sprouts and boiled egg ①on it.

* It will be more delicious, if you top it with coriander.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONS(Pho) : rice、tapioca starch
(Soup Base) : coconut cream、sugar、soy bean oil、kapi(krill)、fish sauce(seafood)、table salt、hom daeng(red onion,shallot)、red pepper、dried shrimp、lemongrass、garam masala(coriander、cumin、pepper、clove、cardamom)、peanuts、garlic、pickled red pepper、galangal、ginger、paprika、turmeric、onion/paprika pigment、antioxidant(vitamin E)、(part of the raw materials contain shrimp, peanut, soybean and fish sauce (seafood)
(Fish Sauce) : fish sauce(seafood)