• Handmade Laab (Spicy Lime Sauce for Meat Salad)

Handmade Laab (Spicy Lime Sauce for Meat Salad)

Cooking time approx.10 minutes)
Lap sauce 20g
Kayaku (herb mix) 1g
Rab powder 7g

Other Ingredients to be prepared
Minced pork - 200g
Onion - 1/4pcs (50g)
Small onion - 3pcs (15g)
Water - 4 tablespoons (60ml)
Rice for 2 bowls

How to prepare
1. Cut the onions into thin slices and the small onions into small slices.
2. Heat a frying pan over medium heat, add minced pork and 60ml of water, and heat well until the meat changes colour and becomes dry while loosening.
3. Put minced pork from②, lap sauce, and kayaku (herb mix) in a bowl and mix well.
4. Add rab powder and serve with rice.

Other cooking alternatives
It will be more delicious, if you add mint to finish.
Cabbage is recommended as additional ingredients.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONS(Larb Sauce): fish sauce(seafood)、lime juice、garlic、sugar、table salt/pH adjuster、stabilization agent(xanthan gum)、(part of the raw materials contain fish sauce (seafood)
(Larb Powder): roasted glutinous rice、red pepper、lemongrass
(Herb Mix): coriander、sweet basil