• Chicken Soup For Rice

Chicken Soup For Rice

To use hot water : Put the packet in hot boiled water without opening it, and leave it for about 3 to 5 minutes, then remove from hot water, and serve it on the warm rice of 150g (about 1 bowl).
To use microwave: Open the packet, put the contents into the bowl which has enough depth, and wrap it before heating up. Heating time varies depending on the microwave and wattage, so please refer to its manual. Estimated heating time is about 2 minutes for this packet alone by 500 W.

*This product does not contain rice. After heating, the contents might be very hot. To avoid scalding, please be careful when opening the packet.
*This product is retort-packet food. No preservative is used. Once opened, it should be consumed soon.
* This product is also suitable to be consumed on its own as a soup dish. Please mix with hot water if desired.

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  2. Retort and Condiments
  3. Rice noodles, Rice soups
INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSvegetable(carrot、shiitake, chinese mushroom、ginger)、steaming chicken((manufactured in Japan))、boiled lotus root、chicken extract、chicken、starch、chicken oil、soy sauce、dried sardine extract、sugar、dried bonito extract、kelp extract、yeast extract/acidity、calcium chloride、(part of the raw materials contain wheat, soybean and chicken)