• Ginkgo Nut & Mushroom Rice Kit

Ginkgo Nut & Mushroom Rice Kit

How to cook (for 2 cups of rice / 2-3 portions)
[Required time: approx. 60 min.]

(Ingredients * Is included in the kit)
*Ginkgo Nut & Mushroom soup stock 40g
*Cooked rice base Ginkgo Nut & Mushroom rice 125g
Rice: 2 cups of rice (180ml x2)

1. Wash the rice, add the Ginkgo Nut & Mushroom soup stock
2. Adjust water as same quantity as white rice to cook and thoroughly
3.② Put the ingredient into and leave it flat without stirring and cook
*Put liquid into the ingredients together.
4. After cooking, steam about 10mintues.

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INGREDIENTS / DIRECTIONSboiled grifola frondosa((manufactured in Japan))、ginkgo nuts boiled in water、bonito seasoning extract、sugar、table salt