MUJI Tenjin Daimyo

The largest business district in Kyushu - Hakata's Tenjin Daimyo area.
On Tenjin-nishi Street, the base where information related to fashion and culture originates in that area, MUJI Tenjin Daimyo has opened as the only branch with a standalone street-level store in Kyushu.

The largest street-level store in Kyushu with suggestions ranging from clothing to lifestyle products

MUJI Tenjin Daimyo is organized over 5 floors, and has the largest retail area in the Kyushu region. In particular, the clothing retail area offers a completely coordinated, exciting experience together with the ease of choosing your daily necessities, all in an environment that makes you feel as though you were relaxing at home. It is a new retail area where we suggest expressions of "clothing" in our daily lives. In addition, we have a professional clothing style advisor in our ranks, who will assist you in matters ranging from deciding a style that fits your desired image, to all-rounded discussions about your entire wardrobe for the season. We continue to make suggestions for a "feel-good life", starting from clothes.

Comprehensive, customized services

We have comprehensive services characteristic of a large-scale shop which you may use. These include our custom tote bag service, where you can make an original bag by combining shapes and colors, our made-to-order suits proudly made in Japan, our perfume workshop where you can blend essential oils on the spot, and our textile embroidery service.

Supporting a fulfilling eating lifestyle

Cafe&Meal MUJI has taken its first step into Kyushu, with its theme of "simple food is delicious". We recommend a deli plate, where you can have your choice of deli items using generous amounts of seasonal vegetables. Depending on your combination, you can take in tens of different types of ingredients in just 1 meal. The same floor also has a related retail area set up for food and kitchen supplies, which support a fulfilling eating lifestyle.

Beginning a new initiative to recycle clothes that is first of its kind in Japan - "re-muji"

Since ancient times in Japan, there existed traditions and techniques to treat and care for worn and faded clothes, such as dyeing them over, and reinforcing torn areas by quilting them over.
At MUJI, we make use of the knowledge of our ancestors to dye over the colors of the products we have collected, and give them new life as brand-new, one-of-a-kind products in the world. These products will now be sold again as limited-edition items only in MUJI Tenjin Daimyo – a first in the whole of Japan.

"re-muji" adopts modern dyeing techniques using chemical dyes to finish producing products with colors that you do not have to worry about losing. We have made it more enjoyable to choose from our selection, with 3 different hues even for the same color "blue"

Product summary

  • Gentlemen's cut and sewn tops, shirts, bottoms, ladies' cut and sewn tops, shirts, bottoms, accessories
  • Price: ¥2900 (tax included)
    • *All are one-of-a-kind items made by dyeing over used clothes collected by MUJI.
      *Depending on the material, original color, and condition of the collected items, the final dyed color may differ between items.

Opening campaign

MUJI Tenjin Daimyo opened on March 5th, 2015 (Thursday).
As part of our opening campaign, we will be holding various events, such as limited sales of local Fukuoka Kurume-gasuri (Kurume-style dyeing) handkerchiefs and handbags, as well as socks in collaboration with MUJI Canal City Hakata and coffee presents.

Name of shop:
MUJI Tenjin Daimyo / Café&Meal MUJI Tenjin Daimyo
1-15-41 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
Telephone number:
Operating hours:
10:00 - 21:00