Compact Life Storage in the Shape of Life


Bed RoomBedroom

The bedroom, which contains favourite items such as books and art, can be given a restful air by storing items along the wall. Using the bed itself for storage provides plenty of storage space, even for a simple room.

01 The bed can also be a great storage space
A single-size storage bed has the storage space of two wide, four-tier chests, enough for storing items such as seasonal clothing and bedding.
  1. Headboard
  2. Storage space(double)
  3. Additional bed base

Storage space of two wide, four-tier chests

  1. Storage bed (single)
  2. Wide chest (four-tier) x 2
  3. Bed
02 Shelf speakers
Bluetooth speakers the size and design of a standard A4-size file box fit neatly into a shelf.
03 Increase storage space under the bed
The additional box for the storage bed can accommodate a 210 cmlong futon. It’s the perfect size for put ting away books, decorative accessories, and other items.
04 Decorative wall storage
Use wall furniture that can be attached to the wall to decorate walls with your favourite items.
05 Stay warmer with a blanket
The blanket can be spread on the bed or cover a down quilt to boost the warmth of the quilt.
  1. Down quilt
  2. Blanket
  3. Futon mattress