[Virtual Workshop — Ended] Affirmation Notes with Jessica Luna




Start fresh with a new perspective.


Begin a new month by setting intentions and a positive outlook. In this weekly workshop, Jessica Luna will share the importance of affirmations and how to list our own for the new season ahead.


If you’d like to follow along, here’s what you’ll need:


Your favorite notebook and a black or blue ink pen! You can also have some colored pens, pencils, or markers on hand, just in case you want to add a pop of color!




  • Date: Saturday, October 3, 2020
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM EDT
  • Location: Online


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  • This event will be hosted on Zoom.
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Jessica Luna a chemist, food blogger, bullet journalist, and fitness guru all in one. She enjoys hiking around the Pacific Northwest, writing letters, & cooking when she isn’t in the lab. Her passion for bullet journaling began late into her college career, but her love for all things stationary dates far back into her childhood, where she has vivid memories practicing her cursive instead of cleaning her room like she was supposed to. Nowadays, Jess juggles a full-time position working for a lab that tests the quality of hops for local brewers, she works out for 90 minutes a day, & heavily relies on her bullet journal to stay organized!

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