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[New York – Ended] MUJI Community Market – Tadaima

Saturday, April 10 – Sunday, April 11





From Saturday, April 11 to Sunday, April 12, Tadaima will be joining us in our MUJI 5th Avenue store Community Market to present its freshly-baked desserts, available for guests to purchase.


We invite the local New York community to join us in learning more, discovering, and celebrating local makers and businesses during this month.





  • Location: MUJI 5th Avenue, 475 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10017, (212) 447-1690
  • Date: Saturday, April 10 – Sunday, April 11
  • Time: 11am EDT – 6pm EDT






Tadaima, which translates to “I am home” in Japanese, is a bakery located in the heart of Industry City  in Brooklyn founded by Ayaka Ando. Inspired by her hometown and places of nostalgia, Ayaka wanted to create a place where everyone can easily feel at home and welcome.

In a city as big as New York, it’s easy to meet many people, but also encounter a sense of loneliness through farewells and goodbyes. Ayaka hopes her sweets and desserts are able to spark a taste of nostalgia and provide a sense of calm and relief, like seeing a familiar loved one’s face upon returning to your hometown.

While sharing joy and fun with their customers, Tadaima hopes to become a place like home through their desserts.


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