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Clean whenever you want, wherever you want.

If you're tools are easily accessible,
you can clean off dirt as soon as you notice it.
With their simple appearance,
they can fit anywhere in your home.
The quicker you are to clean,
the easier it will be to make a habit out of it,
keeping your home clean and pristine.

Adjust to your needs

For the most satisfying cleaning experience,
choose the best place and best tools for the job.
Master a variety of tools designed for specific uses,
for no-stress, efficient cleaning.

For the living room and bedrooms

From a free-standing carpet cleaner,
to a floor mop and more,
we offer a wide range of cleaning products
to help keep your living space clean.

For the bathroom and kitchen

Clean your windows, showers,
and sinks with our squeegee,
sponges, and tile brushes.
We carry products that will help
you clean areas that often get wet.

For your entrance and veranda

We have products that are great for cleaning outside your house,
such as our deck brush,
which has a fixed joint to make it easy to apply strength
when scrubbing floors, brooms and dustpans.

For cleaning cracks and crevices

Point brushes just right for cleaning drains
and the packing of canteens, spatulas, sponges;
this is a series perfect for cleaning
tight spaces and precise cleaning.