Embrace the Linen Life

Embrace the Linen Life

When you put your arms through, the fabric of the linen and hemp feels cool and refreshing to the touch. As you wash it, the fibers become softer, making it more comfortable to wear against your skin each time. Linen and hemp are natural materials that require only a small amount of water to grow, making them environmentally friendly.

MUJI's linen and hemp

At MUJI, in addition to the classic "linen,"
we are expanding our range of clothing items made from the eco-friendly natural material "hemp".

What is hemp

Environmentally friendly

Plants that have been with humans since ancient times, they are called annuals because they grow very quickly, reaching up to 3 meters in about 3 months. They are resistant to pests, so they do not require pesticides or chemical fertilizers, making them a plant with low environmental impact that can grow with minimal amounts of fertilizer and water.

Linen Features


With excellent breathability and moisture absorption/evaporation properties, it is perfect for making cool and comfortable outfits suitable for humid summers. Its quick-drying feature ensures comfort even during sweaty summer days.


It has a firm texture and becomes more comfortable against the skin as you wear and wash it.

  • Women
  • Men
Model Height:168cm/ M / Dark navy stripe

Other items

Model Height:168cm/ M / Blue

Other items

Model Height:168cm/ M / Navy

Other items

How to care for linen/hemp clothing in your daily life

Linen and hemp are among the strongest fibers found in nature.
As these fabrics become softer and deeper in texture the more you use and wash them,
the passage of time will bring about greater attachment instead of a deterioration in quality.
Here are some useful tips for keeping your precious clothes in top condition for a long time.

  • Washing


    Linen and hemp are materials that become stronger when moist, allowing them to be conveniently and repeatedly washed in a washing machine. However, make sure to avoid bleach and fluorescent agents as they may damage the fibers or compromise the color of the fabric.

  • Drying


    Drying your clothes while they are pulled taut and with their wrinkles stretched out will make them easier to iron subsequently. Of course, the firmness of the fabric ensures that you can enjoy its natural texture even without any ironing. Linen and hemp fibers have hollow cores that absorb and expel moisture, so hanging them in a well-ventilated place allows them to dry in no time.

  • Ironing


    When ironing, start from the reverse side to remove any small wrinkles before ironing the front with greater force. Iron over a cloth if you are worried about damaging the fabric or leaving shiny stripes behind.

  • Storage


    Linen and hemp products are best stored in dry, cool spots. Avoid sealing these items in plastic bags for long periods of time, as poor ventilation may result in the growth of mold. We also recommend wrapping your clothes carefully in thin pieces of paper to prevent dust from adhering to the fabric.