37,968 gifts from Tokyo

What color is Tokyo?
The glittering neon lights?
The rainbow trains bursting with commuters?
The red and white steel structure towering over Tokyo?

This pop-installation of Tokyo tower (yes, heavily influenced by your Eiffel tower) is a Christmas gift from Tokyo to Paris.

It’s made out of 37,968 MUJI pens, representing each and every color, shade and nuance of our vibrant city.
From quick doodles to artful illustrations, we hope your pen will help you color your world, inside and outside of the lines.

MUJI - Forum des Halles, Paris

Exhibition 2017/12/02 - 12/17

Gift giving 2017/12/18 - 12/24

By posting photos of the pop-installation to Instagram using the tags #TokyoPenPixel and @muji.fr you get one chance to grab a handful of pens at the store.
*Offer ends when all pens are taken away.

Tokyo breathes with the tradition of four hundred years since the Edo period.
It’s a city that never stops and embraces the future.
Tradition and innovation meet and evolve to create new value here in Tokyo.
Old meets New
It’s the energy and exctitement of Tokyo.
Experience the surprises that start here.

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