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FREE Home Delivery

For a limited time only, enjoy free home delivery at lower spending!


Retail Stores

16 – 26 March 2017
Minimum $250 spent in the furniture department.

*Usual with min. $500 spent. Delivery charges will still be applicable for purchase below $250.

What’s more? Engage the service of our Interior Advisor and redeem a 10% OFF Voucher for use on Household items recommended in the consultation. Learn more in-store (ION Orchard/ Paragon/ Raffles City/ VivoCity).


Finding adequate storage space is always a challenge, which is why at MUJI we offer storage solutions that are multi-functional and innovative. Read on to know more about two of our popular storage range! 


Polypropylene (PP) Storage 


One of our popular series, the PP Storage range are multifunctional; they are stackable, packable and versatile enough to be utilized for practically anything. Left naturally uncoloured, these cases are transparent enough to show the content stored without putting everything on display.


Polypropylene’s natural colour
The simple neutral colour is ideal for the most individual of rooms, and blend in perfectly with the rest of the furnishing.


A stackable open type rack
By combining units of different sizes, small spaces such as under your sink can be neatly organized.


Stainless Unit Shelves (SUS)


The popularity of this series lies in just how versatile they are. Combine different sizes and optional parts for a nearly infinite number of possibilities. Design your unit shelves to work for you and your living space.


Use for shoe storage
Adjust shelves to accommodate shoes and boots of every height. The frame crosspiece are also a convenient place to hand shoe care products, shoehorns and other items.


Stainless steel properties
Shelves and frame in rust-resistant stainless steel are ideal for storing laundry goods and toiletries.

MUJI Linen Collection 2017


Theme Image

Linen, a well-loved material of valuable qualities.


This Spring/Summer season, enjoy light and breezy Linen garments that’s great for the hot weather! The naturally rumpled, soft wrinkled piece excel in outstanding moisture absorption for a fast drying action, and showcases a classic elegance of natural colour. In this year’s Linen collection, look out for stripe designs inspired by traditional Japanese patterns, wider silhouette for ladies’ pants, as well as tops and dresses with drop shoulder design and differing lengths for the front and back hem. 

Linen Ladies_1

Clothes to block the Sun.

A sweater treated to protect your skin from more ultraviolet rays than regular clothing.
With great absorbency, it is quick to dry, keeping you comfortable all day long.

French Linen UV Cut V-Neck Sweater (available from 16 March), French Linen Easy Wide Cropped Pants.

 Linen Ladies_02

Naturally Cool.

Linen is one of the best natural materials for staying cool.
A classic wear containing natural slubs that embraces an unrefined, organic tactile look and feel.

French Linen Pre-Washed Shirt, French Linen Maxi Skirt (available in 2nd phase launch)

 Linen Mens_01

 Look good, keep cool.

Men’s Linen Jacket now features three button design and a change in
the pocket shape for a more casual look and easier outfit coordination.

French Linen Pre-Washed Shirt, French Linen Jacket (available from 16 March at selected stores), French Linen Easy Trousers


Linen Mens_02

 You’ll love the feel.

A classic shirt with softness of French Linen.
Design in a length and width that pairs well with other coordinates.

French Linen Pre-Washed Short Sleeve Shirt (available in 2nd phase launch)


Linen Garment Price Range: Ladies’ $49 – $79 / Men’s $49 – $119
Please note that the garment range featured are subjected to availability at different stores.

Valentine’s Day Picks: Outfit Inspiration


Looking for ideas on what to wear this Valentine’s Day? Score the perfect look with these outfit inspirations coordinated by our Styling Advisors!


Perfect for the Twenties

LRM_EXPORT_20170203_135659Matching white & blue for a clean & smart look!

On Her:

  • Top: W7SC701 Organic Cotton Washed Broad Shirt, Light Blue, $39
  • Bottom: W7SE259 Organic Cotton Stretch Denim Wide Cropped Pants, White, U.P. $59 (Now at 10% Discount)
  • Shoes: G6SD510 Slip-on Shoes, Blue Stripe, U.P. $69 (Now at 50% Discount)
  • Accessories (tied as neck scarf): F7SF703 Organic Cotton Stripe Handkerchief, Red, $4.90

On Him:

  • Top: M7SC731 Organic Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt, Blue, $39
  • Bottom: M6AE514 Organic Cotton Chino Short Pants, Dark Navy, $49
  • Shoes: G6SB506 Water Repellent Cotton Sneakers, Blue, $44


It’s a denim affair for a casual day out!

On Her:

  • Top: W6AB960 Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt, White, $12.90
  • Top (tied at waist): W7SC415 Organic Cotton Gauze Check Shirt, Red, $49
  • Bottoms: W7SE208 Organic Cotton Denim Skirt, Indigo Blue, $49
  • Shoes: G6S0509 Ribbon Ballet Shoes, Gray, $29

On Him:

  • Top: M7SC406 Organic Cotton Gauze Shirt, Gray, $49
  • Bottom: M6SE221 Organic Denim Slim Fit Pants, Indigo Blue, U.P. $49 (Now at 10% Discount)
  • Shoes: G6SB501 Mesh Sneakers, Red, U.P. $79 (Now at 50% Discount)


Great for the Thirties

LRM_EXPORT_20170203_140154 (1)

Have fun with patterns – checkered for Him, stripes for Her.

On Her:

  • Dress: W7SC728 Organic Cotton Washed Striped Dress, Light Blue, $59
  • Bottoms: W6AE005 Super Stretch Denim Leggings, Dark Navy, U.P. $59 (Now at 10% Discount)
  • Shoes: G6SD506 Ribbon Ballet Shoes, Off White, $29
  • Accessories: G6AC303 Organic Cotton Double Pocket Tote Bag, Ecru*Navy, $79 / F7SD010 Large Modal Silk Check Stole, Black, 130*180cm, $39

On Him:

  • Top (Outer): M7SC743 Organic Cotton Oxford Button Down Shirt, Black, $39
  • Top (Inner): M7SB001 Organic Cotton Long Sleeve T-shirt, Off White, $19.90 (20% Discount starting 8 February 2017)
  • Bottom: M6AE204 Organic Cotton Mix Stretch Slim Pants, Black, $59
  • Shoes: G6SB506 Water Repellent Cotton Sneakers, Blue, $44


Twinning in sneakers for a sporty, casual vibe!

On Her:

  • Top: W7SC706 Organic Cotton Washed Striped Shirt, Khaki, $39
  • Bottoms: W6AE201 Organic Cotton Tapered Boyfriend Jeans, Navy, U.P. $49 (Now at 10% discount)
  • Shoes: G6SD501 Water Repellent Cotton Sneakers, Red, U.P. $44 (Now at 30% discount)
  • Accessories: G6AC303 Organic Cotton Double Pocket Tote Bag, Navy*Ecru, $79

On Him:

  • Top: M6AB708 Organic Cotton Pique Button Down Short Sleeve, Off White, U.P. $39 (Now at 30% discount)
  • Top (Tied on shoulders): M6AA916 Wool Silk Crew Neck Sweater, Dark Navy, U.P. $79 (Now at 50% discount)
  • Bottom: M6AE202 Organic Cotton Slim Fit Pants, Beige, U.P. $59 (Now at 10% discount)
  • Shoes: G6SB506 Water Repellent Cotton Sneakers, Gray, $44 

Do check in-store for stock availability or shop online!

All photos taken at Cafe&Meal MUJI Paragon, #04-36 to 40.


Style up and WIN!

Stand a chance to win your soul-mate a $100 MUJI Gift Card in our Valentine’s Day Instagram Contest! Simply show us how you style a couple look with your partner in MUJI garment coordinates and caption the inspiration behind!


Contest extends till 19 February 2017. Three winners will be announced on 22 February 2017. Contest is limited to participants residing in Singapore only. Submitted photo is subjected to publish for contest purposes. MUJI (Singapore) Pte Ltd reserves the rights to withdraw the contest or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

MUJI Valentine’s Day 2017 – Handmade Kits


“happiness derives from handmade items expresses traces of sincerity”
HANDMADE; is the process of making something by hand – be it a cake, cookie or snack beginning from scratch and treating them with love and mindfulness. A simple yet meaningful packaging of the completed work with a handwritten message becomes an icing on the cake. Handmade Kit – Have fun decorating chocolates and baked confectioneries that can be made with few, easy steps. There are also recipes meant for gifting to big groups. For a bigger yet satisfying challenge, try your hands on making authentic macaroons that come in soft pastel colors!
Make an Original: Non-bake and fuss free  Handmade Manual_Banners-01_

Make Easy Baked Goods: Simple steps to create delectable cakes and browniesHandmade Manual_Banners-02_

Make an Earnest Gift: Spend a little more time and effort to make it all worthwhile!Handmade Manual_Banners-03__-03

Make a Plenty: Share the love and celebrate Valentine’s Day with families and friends!Handmade Manual_Banners-04_

Priced from $3.30 – $6.90: Ready-to-eat heart-shaped sweets and snacks are perfect for gifting especially when packaged in a personalized way with MUJI wrapping materials available in-store. 
4547315910823_HEART SHAPED CAKE 4547315910458_01_1260 4547315910465_01_1260 4547315912537_HEART SHAPE RICE CRACKERS SOY SAUCE FLAVOR

Enjoy 10% OFF Valentine’s Handmade Kits, Sweets and Snacks till 8 March 2017

LOVE is in the air!


23Contest extends till 19 February 2017. Three winners will be announced on 22 February 2017. Contest is limited to participants residing in Singapore only. Submitted photo is subjected to publish for contest purposes. MUJI (Singapore) Pte Ltd reserves the rights to withdraw the contest or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.


MUJI Double Gauze Series

Posted: 25 Jan, 2017

Organic Cotton Double Gauze Shirt

Double Gauze

Feels great on cool spring days and hot summer days alike.

Two-ply gauze holds air between the layers for just the right amount of warmth. The perfect shirt for those cool days in early spring. The fabric also breathes well and dries extremely quickly to keep you cool in summer. Soft and comfortable, it feels naturally great against the skin.


Characteristics of Ladies’ Double Gauze Garment

  • Two layers of gauze interwoven in certain sections for a soft, light feeling and puffy look.
  • Good breathability and absorbency. Two-layer interior traps air for just the right level of heat retention.
  • Product washed to bring out softer texture.
  • Sleeves can be rolled up to show the inner design for a different style.

More design selections available in-store!


Characteristics of Men’s Double Gauze Garment

  • Two-layer interior traps air for heat retention; convenient for the chilly season in early spring.
  • Superior breathability, absorbency, and quick drying; provides cool comfort for summer.
  • Shirt sleeves can be rolled up to show inner design for a different look.

More design selections available in-store!

E.g. Stripy Inner Design

4549738541523_10_1260   4549738541523_11_1260  4549738541523_08_1260  4549738541523_09_1260

Be inspired with these looks

SA Styling - Double Gauze-02

Outfit styling and coordination with Styling Advisors

Having a difficult time coordinating outfits for different occasion? Come approach our friendly Styling Advisor (SA) in-store for professional fashion consultation on various outfit coordinates that suit your lifestyle. Be informed of the best ways to style the different types of garment material available, and receive advices on color matching, sizes, outfit layering, etc. This is a complimentary service offered to Muji customers where feedback exchanges are made so we can improve and serve you better!

2017 Chinese New Year Operation Hours

Posted: 20 Jan, 2017

Dear Valued Customers, please be informed that our stores operation hours for 2017 Chinese New Year are as follows:

Outlets 27 January 2017 28 January 2017 29 January 2017
313@somerset  10am – 5pm  Closed  12pm – 9pm
Paragon  10am – 5pm  Closed  Closed
Paragon Cafe&Meal  10am – 5pm  Closed  Closed
ION Orchard  10am – 5pm  12pm – 9pm  12pm – 9pm
Tampines 1  10am – 5pm  Closed  Closed
Marina Square  10am – 5pm  Closed  Closed
Jem  10am – 5pm  Closed  12pm – 9pm
Bugis Junction  10am – 5pm  Closed  12pm – 9pm
Vivocity  10am – 5pm  Closed  12pm – 9pm
Changi Airport Terminal 2  7am – 11pm  7am – 11pm  7am – 11pm
Raffles City  10am – 5pm  Closed  12pm – 9pm
Raffles City Cafe&Meal  10am – 5pm  Closed  12pm – 9pm


Changes in Online Delivery Schedule

Orders Placed from 25 – 26 January 2017

Small Items:                Delivery by 31 January 2017
Bulky/Mix Items:  Delivery team will contact by 31 January 2017 for delivery arrangement          

Orders Placed from 27 – 30 January 2017

Small & Bulky Items:  Delivery will be after 31 January 2017                                                                

We apologized for any inconvenience caused. 

MUJI hereby wishes you a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!

MUJI Members’ Week (19 Jan – 02 Feb’17)

Posted: 19 Jan, 2017

Enjoy More Savings with MUJI Members’ Week!

10% off - MUJI Members and Online Subscribers

19 January – 02 February 2017

    • OFFLINE STORES: MUJI Members enjoy 10% off regular priced garment and household items. (Not a member yet? Join us with $70 spent in a single receipt. Usual membership at $100 spent)
    • ONLINE STORE: All existing online subscribers enjoy 10% off with minimum $100 spent, check out your shopping cart with coupon code MJ101902(Not a MUJI Online subscriber? Register here)

FREE Home Delivery

Posted: 5 Jan, 2017


FREE Home Delivery

For a limited time only, enjoy free home delivery at lower spending!


Retail Stores

6 – 15 January 2017
Minimum $250 spent in the furniture department.

*Usual with min. $500 spent. 
Delivery charges will still be applicable for purchase below $250.

Online Store

6 – 15 January 2017
Minimum $30 spent* (small items) or $250 spent** (mix/bulky items).

*Usual with min. $50 spent. For orders less than $30, a delivery charge of $6.90 will be applied. **Usual with min. $500 spent. For orders less than $250, a delivery charge of $40 will be applied.

Click in to Shop Now!

Interior Advisors

Need help in Home Organizing and Design?

Our Interior Advisors are here to offer complimentary consultation and recommendations on MUJI furniture, and storage solution for a space efficient home with the aesthetics of simplicity. Click here to learn more!



Pick up Hints & Tips for a Compact Living!

Step into the vision of MUJI Compact Life that embodies the personality of the individual who lives the life with versatile products designed to provide just what is necessary. Pick up hints and tips that come from conversations exchanged between MUJI staff and customers, as well as suggestions from individuals already living simple, pleasant lives. The Compact Life begins here.


Conger Eel Rice Kit – Updates

Posted: 22 Dec, 2016

[Conger Eel Rice Kit] 


Dear Customers,

Please be informed as at 21 December 2016, we have received confirmation that the “Conger Eel Rice Kit” submitted on 16 December 2016 for Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) inspection has passed the radioactivity testing.

Following the confirmation, we will continue the sales of the product. However, in consideration of customers’ concern, we would still accept return and refund of product purchased, with effect till 31 December 2016. Kindly contact our Customer Service (please refer information below) for further inquiries.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We thank you for your continuous support and patronage to MUJI.

Product Description


  • Jan Code: 4549738969303
  • Product Name: Conger Eel Rice Kit
  • Price: $7.60

Contact Details:

MUJI (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Customer Service Department
Contact No.: 6346 4123 Email:
Inquiry Hours: Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 17:30, excluding Public Holidays