MUJI Week (06 – 25 December 2018)



Enjoy Savings with MUJI Week!

06 – 25 December 2018

MUJI Members shop and dine with discounts!


10% OFF regular-priced garment and household items. 

5% OFF all Café&Meal items excluding alcohol.


Not a member yet? Join us with $100 spent! A maximum of 3 same day receipts from Café&Meal and MUJI Retail can be combined. Registrations are to be made on the same day of purchase.

MUJI Singapore Press Statement: Investigation into claims regarding MUJI’s manufacturer


A&P Department


Press Statement

Re: Investigation into claims regarding MUJI’s manufacturer

Singapore, November 19, 2018:

Our attention has been drawn to claims made by a certain third party retailer regarding it having
items produced by the same direct manufacturer as MUJI.

The investigations for these claims are ongoing. However, we currently believe that a number of the
products in question were not, in fact, produced by MUJI’s manufacturers. For instance, although
this third party retailer sells an eye lash curler which appears to be identical to MUJI’s “EYELASH
CURLER“, stating that the product is made by the same manufacturer used by MUJI, our authorized
manufacturer for MUJI’s “EYELASH CURLER“, which is a well-known Japanese company, has
confirmed to us that the eye lash curler in question has never been manufactured or supplied by the
manufacturer and/or its licensee. We have also undertaken an examination of some of the products
sold by the third party retailer. Our observations are that some of these products which we actually
investigated do not represent the standard or the quality that MUJI would expect of products sold
under MUJI’s name.

A number of the products offered by the third party retailer do appear to be similar in design to
products designed and sold by MUJI. From our examination, we also determined that at least one of
the third party retailer’s products bore a tag that had MUJI’s name on it, and another bore MUJI’s
customer service contact number. This use of our brand name and phone number was not
authorized. Additionally, there was a product sold by this third party retailer that looked strikingly
similar to MUJI’s “Beads” sofa which had a tag bearing MUJI’s name. We have spoken with the
manufacturer which makes MUJI’s “Beads” sofa, who has confirmed that it has never manufactured
or supplied that product to any retailer other than us.

MUJI did not, and does not, authorize the use of its name, numbers, or any of its designs, by this
third party retailer. MUJI cannot also be in any way responsible for the products sold by this third party retailer.

MUJI is concerned by this third party retailer’s actions, especially in circumstances where this third
party retailer has used MUJI’s name to assert that their products embody the same quality as those
sold by MUJI, when this may not be the case.

In the course of MUJI’s investigations, we reached out to the third party retailer to verify their claims
that their products originated from MUJI’s manufacturers. To date, we have not received any
response from the third party retailer.

We would like to thank everyone who has shown concern over this matter. MUJI takes the quality of
its products and the trust of its customers very seriously, and has always maintained a close working
relationship with its manufacturer.

MUJI remains committed to providing quality goods and improving our value-based pricing while
developing products that build links among regions, people and craftsmen to create empathy and
consensus to all its valued customers.

Thank you.

MUJI Autumn 2018: Flannel



This Autumn, feel the softness of MUJI Flannel series that are made from Xinjiang organic cotton, harvested by hand. The textile is less likely to be damaged than if it were harvested by machine.

Features of MUJI Flannel

  • Materials brushed for warmth are pre-washed for a soft and warm texture
  • Double-twisted thread is used with all materials for a soft and comfortable surface.
  • New launch of loose shirt that men can wear with comfort even in lingering days of summer, and a blouse for women with fitted neck.


More flannel styles available in-store.
MUJI Autumn promotions from 13 September – 10 October 2018

MUJI Week (13 – 30 Sep 2018)



Enjoy Savings with MUJI Week!

13 – 30 September 2018

MUJI Members shop and dine with discounts!


10% OFF regular-priced garment and household items. 

5% OFF all Café&Meal items excluding alcohol.


Not a member yet? Join us with $100 spent! A maximum of 3 same day receipts from Café&Meal and MUJI Retail can be combined. Registrations are to be made on the same day of purchase.

Please note that Members’ Week is not applicable at Tampines 1 Temporary Store.


Notice: MUJI Tampines 1 Temporary Closure & Expansion

Posted: 16 Aug, 2018


Store Closure Notice for Renovation

  MUJI Tampines 1 store will be temporarily closed for renovation and expansion from
20 August – 4 October 2018. The store will be reopening on 5 October 2018 with exclusive
opening specials. Do stay tuned to our social media for more updates nearer to date!

TP1 Store Image_Before

During the closure,

you may visit our temporary store at #01-01/02 

20 August – 29 September 2018

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm


Please note that purchases made at MUJI Tampines 1 Temporary Store are subjected to the terms below:

  • We accept cash and credit card payment.
  • Minimum S$20.00 purchase for payment by Visa and Mastercard.
  • Redemption and accumulation of MUJI dollars are not applicable.
  • Not applicable with any other promotions.
  • Goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

New Updates: MUJI Member Reward Programme (Wef 3 Sep’18)

Posted: 16 Aug, 2018

Upcoming Changes to 

MUJI Member Reward Programme 


 Effective 3rd September 2018, MUJI Members will be able to accumulate and redeem MUJI$ at all Café&Meal MUJI Singapore outlets, alongside benefits to be enjoyed at the Café during Birthday Month, and periodic Member’s reward campaigns. With the introduction of the rewards programme at Café&Meal MUJI, MUJI Retail will match every $20 with 0.50 MUJI$ to be received.




NEW: Café&Meal MUJI Benefits

We will be opening up Member Rewards (MUJI$) at Café&Meal for all MUJI Members! With your MUJI$ collected, use them as cash rebates off your total bill! 


Accumulation & Redemption of MUJI Dollars (MUJI$)

Earn MUJI$ while you shop and dine! Every $20.00 purchase entitles you to 0.50 MUJI$. Redemption of MUJI$ is applicable for your next purchase with a minimum of $10.00 spent. Every 1 MUJI$ accumulated is equivalent to $1 cash rebate. 


On Your Birthday Month

Till the end of 2018, continue to enjoy X2 MUJI$ for the whole of your birthday month, and during periodic Members’ Reward Campaign (Members’ Special), you’ll get to enjoy X3 MUJI$. Upcoming, you can gain these bonuses at Café&Meal MUJI too!


On Periodic Members’ Reward Campaigns

  • MUJI Member’s Week: Adding to the current 10% OFF Regular Priced Household and Garment items in Retail Stores, hop over to Café&Meal to receive 5% OFF for all à la carte items, even on Deli Set purchases.
  • Members’ Special: Continue to be awarded with X2 MUJI$ for your purchases at MUJI Retail, which will be made available at Café&Meal MUJI too.



Café&Meal Celebrates MUJI Members

As a way of ushering our valued Members into Café&Meal, Members can enjoy Vanilla Soft Serve at a special price of just $1.00! Available starting from 13th September 2018 through the month, till 30th September.


Going Online:  Updates with Just One Click Away

Do look out for our next development to introduce a new platform for easy updating and access to your member’s account. Stay tuned to our newsletters for more details to be sent!


Registration Made Easier

To become a member, a minimum spending of $100 was to be met previously within a single transaction. Upcoming, you can combine a maximum of 3 same day receipts from Café&Meal and MUJI Retail to achieve $100. Then, register at any MUJI Retail counter to come on-board with us. Registrations are to be made on the same day of purchase.



 Click in for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The redemption privileges and conditions may be amended or withdrawn without prior notice at the sole discretion of MUJI Singapore.

FREE Home Delivery

Posted: 28 Jun, 2018


FREE Home Delivery

For a limited time only, enjoy free home delivery at lower spending!


Retail Stores

28 June – 08 July 2018
Minimum $250 spent* in the furniture department.

*Usual with min. $500 spent. Delivery charges will still be applicable for purchase below $250.

Need help in planning your home or office furnishing with MUJI products? Feel free to arrange a complimentary consultation with our Interior Advisor!

MUJI Week (10 – 27 May’18)

Posted: 10 May, 2018


Enjoy Savings with MUJI Week!

MUJI Members enjoy 10% OFF regular priced garment and household items.

Come by MUJI to enjoy this shopping reward from now till 27 May! 


Not a member yet? Join us with $100 spent in a single receipt!

MUJI Singapore Celebrates 15th Anniversary!

Posted: 5 Apr, 2018

Anniversary Promotions


Lucky Dip & Grand Lucky Draw

05 April – 02 May 2018






Receive a Lucky Dip Card with every $40 spent in a single receipt, and stand a chance to win up to 30% discount!

Discount is applicable on regular priced items only. A maximum of 10 Lucky Dip Cards issuance in a single receipt transaction. Discount offers on Lucky Dip cards are valid for next purchase only. Not to be used jointly with other promotions. Click in to view full terms & conditions.





Simply fill up the other side of the lucky dip card with your particulars and drop it in our Grand Lucky Draw box to stand a chance in winning below attractive prizes! 

  • 1st prize: A pair of Economy Class return air tickets to Tokyo, Japan by All Nippon Airways (ANA) worth $3500
  • 2nd prize: A MUJI Highback Reclining Sofa worth $718
  • 3rd prize: A MUJI IDEÉ Nigel Peake Art Poster worth $570
  • 4th prize: $100 MUJI Gift Card (10 winners)


Winners of Grand Lucky Draw will be notified via email and phone call on Friday, 25 May 2018.









Exclusive to MUJI Members, receive a FREE 15th Anniversary Cotton myBag with minimum $30 spent in a single receipt!

Cotton myBag giveaway in B5 size. While stocks last.