MUJI Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Mall


Opened on September 27, 2019

MUJI Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Mall opened on Friday, September 27 as MUJI's fifth flagship store in China. The store is located on the 1F and 2F of Kunming Shun Cheng Shopping Mall with a sales floor area of 2,403.8m2. This store aims to serve as a community base and become a platform that connects people and the society by rediscovering the colors, tastes and life styles that are unique to Kunming.

The interior design applies plenty of old materials that can express local characteristics, such as bricks and wood used in the Yunnan region in the past, making it a sales floor where one can feel the history of the region.

Kunming is well known as “Chuncheng (the city of Spring)” for that it has a mild climate throughout the year, and green plants and flowers can be seen everywhere. The culture of cultivating and appreciating flowers – an element essential to “the city of Spring” – has taken root in the daily lives of people in Kunming. MUJI Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Mall introduced the first flower and vegetable sales area in China, providing fresh flowers, vegetables and fruits grown in this region.

The first Café&Meal MUJI in Kunming uses locally sourced fresh ingredients to deliver the deliciousness of “simple food”.

At the Drink Corner on the second floor of the store, customers can enjoy a cup of Pu’er Tea, which originates in this Yunnan Province. In partnership with a local tea factory, we provide both “raw tea” and “ripe tea” using tea leaves from the same production area while processing them with different production methods. Through the difference in the taste and aroma, our customers could experience the essence of Pu’er Tea.

There are many ethnic minorities in Kunming. Each has its own culture where many commodities -tools that have been used for a long time, items that are used at home, things that are common in daily life, etc. – can be found. We want to taste the culture and learn from it as well. In collaboration with local creators, we gathered products in which traits of local culture are embedded, such as indigo-dyed bags, teacups, bamboo woven baskets, and tea. We want to communicate the charm of Kunming to customers and local people.

There are about 1000 kinds of stamps (the largest amount among MUJI stores in China) in the MUJI YOURSELF corner. Open MUJI will hold workshops and events for customers to experience the local culture.

We look forward to serving you at the store.

MUJI Kunming Shuncheng Shopping Mall

1F、2F,Kunming Shuncheng shoppingmall,NO.11 Dongfeng (w)Rd,Wuhua Dist,Kunming City,Yunnan Prov. (Map)
SUN – THU 10:00 – 22:00
FRI – SAT 10:00 – 22:30