MUJI Qingdao Inzone Plaza


Opened on December 27, 2019

MUJI's sixth flagship store in China – MUJI Qingdao Inzone Plaza – has opened on Friday, December 27 with a total area of 3,021.8m2 on B1-L1 of Qingdao Inzone Plaza, which is located at the center area of Qingdao city, China. Together with the first Café&Meal MUJI restaurant in Qingdao as well as the first showroom of MUJI INFILL, which is the interior finishing service newly launched in China, this store aims to become a platform that connects people and the city by providing new products and services and communicating the unique charm of Qingdao.

The interior of the store adopts natural materials such as wood, steel and earth. By combining the unique touch and texture of these materials with the soft indirect lightening, it creates a warm space that resembles the atmosphere of Qingdao’s fishing ports and old towns. In addition to the self-service Drink Counter, benches are placed here and there in the store so that customers can spend a relaxing time.

B1 floor introduces a vegetable sales area as part of the “Connecting Market”, providing fresh unsorted vegetables grown in this region. Although these vegetables are slightly scratched and unsorted, the delicious taste remains the same. By selling them, we are able to provide customers with fresh and delicious vegetables while supporting the sustainable development of local agriculture.

The first Café&Meal MUJI in Qingdao uses locally sourced fresh ingredients to deliver the deliciousness of “simple food”. Six Qingdao-limited menus are also available. Meanwhile, it has the first Baumkuchen Kitchen among all MUJI stores in the world, where one can enjoy delicious freshly-baked Baumkuchen.

In order for customers to enjoy shopping with children, friends and family, this store is also equipped with the largest Kids Playground among all MUJI stores in China. Inside the Kids Playground, we prepared hundreds of picture books and installed a ball pool – those balls are made of remnants – so that everyone can play and learn together.

With the opening of MUJI Qingdao Inzone Plaza, MUJI also starts the advance reservation of large home appliances (refrigerators, washing machines) developed by the Chinese local merchandising department. What is more, there is a showroom (115m2) for MUJI INFILL, which is the interior finishing service newly launched in China. By actually showing customers the scenes of living, we wish that our customers could truly experience the "simple, pleasant life" that MUJI proposes.

In order to connect people and the city, the first "Connecting Market" will be held from December 27 (Fri) to December 29 (Sun). Limited items such as handmade coffee, local fruits and tea, and books related to Qingdao’s culture will be available for sale. In the “QINGDAO to Go” corner, recommended spots around Qingdao will be introduced. We will continue to hold such events in the future to discover the charm of Qingdao through our communications with customers and local people.

We look forward to serving you at the store.

MUJI Qingdao Inzone Plaza

B1F Qingdao Inzone plaza NO.31 Hong Kong Rd(M), Shinan Dist, Qingdao City, Shandong Prov. (Map)
5/1~10/31 SUN-THU 9:30~21:30
5/1~10/31 FRI-SAT 9:30~22:00
11/1~4/30 SUN-THU 10:00~21:00
11/1~4/30 FRI-SAT 10:00~21:30