The 22th MUJI store in Hong Kong, MUJI NINA MALL  opens on 21 December, 2023.
As the store in the Tsuen Wan district, the new store will have a total floor area of 16,000 square feet and offer a wide selection of daily goods such as men’s, ladies’ and children’s wear, household goods, food and MUJI Green.New elements such as “MUJI CYCLE”, “ReMUJI Clothing Recycling Program” and “Below $50 Area” will be introduced to cater for truly fundamental to day-to-day life.Besides, the new store will follow a rustic, natural interior design, providing a spacious, comfortable shopping environment to share MUJI’s ideology of “a simple and pleasant life” with customers.

As a lifestyle store offering practical daily necessities, MUJI aspires to serve local customers. Therefore, proximity to customers is one of the key concerns regarding store location selection so that customers living and working in the community can conveniently shop for their daily needs. As Tsuen Wan is a densely-populated area consisted of industrial, commercial, and residential areas, and it is one of the major cluster of the New Territories West area, MUJI believes that more local individual and family customers can be reached through the new store opening in NINA MALL, allowing MUJI to be part of customers’ daily life.