A Good Night's Sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential for modern metropolitans. For an invigorating morning, we not only need sufficient hours but also quality sleep. A comfortable environment is key to enough rest, minimizing fatigue and rejuvenate the body and mind.

There are many factors that affect a good night’s sleep. Through observing our sleeping habits, we can find out reasons of fatigue and try to minimize them. Below are some descriptions regarding sleep. If you are in-line with most of them, sleep probably isn’t much of a problem for you; If you don’t fit most of them, then there’s room for improvement in your sleeping quality.

  •   Can fall asleep naturally after lying down on bed for 15-20 minutes
  •   Can sleep every 24 hours
  •   7 – 9 hours of sleeping duration
  •   Regular sleeping pattern of sleeping at 10 – 11 pm and waking up at 5 – 6 am
  •   Sleeping peacefully without waking for long duration
  •   Alter your bedroom to the condition that suitable for sleeping like dimming down the lights or adjust the room temperature
  •   Re-energized and rejuvenated when waking
  •   Efficient and easy to focus on daytime activities

Choose Suitable Bedding for Better Sleep

Through understanding one’s sleeping habits and choosing suitable bedding, we aim to help build quality sleep and rest every day.


The time span for a mattress is usually between eight to ten years. Here are 4 factors when considering changing your mattress:

Firmness: Test with your hands whether the mattress is sagging. If it is, suggest to replace.

Noisy Springs: Springs that squeak when you move is a sign that the coils are worn and no longer providing the support they should.

Signs of Wear and Tear: Signs of wear includes sagging in different areas, making you uncomfortable in bed.

Body Condition: Mattresses are where majority of dust and allergens are, weakening your immune system ; If you wake up sore and stiff, your mattress might be having signs of wear, suggesting replacement.

Besides changing a mattress, using a mattress protector against dust and mites, get your pets their own bed, flipping your mattress or changing the position may help lengthen the lifespan of the mattress by combating body perspiration and protect against settlements and indentations. Finding the right mattress and with proper use will offer a healthier environment for sleeping.

Washable Lightweight Mattress
(Single / Semi-double / Double / Queen)
The mattress is made of polyethylene in a mesh structure that provides sufficient firmness and buffer, reducing motion transfer. Mattress cover can be directly washed in the washing machine while the core can be cleaned under a shower should there be any stains and dirt.
Bonnel Spring Mattress
(Single / Semi-double / Double / Queen)
Made with knotted Bonnel springs that provide comprehensive support for the body.
Pocket Spring Mattress
(Single / Semi-double / Double / Queen)
Contains individual springs sewn into its own pocket of fabric working independently to provide your body with better pressure relieving support.

Wooden Bed

MUJI's wooden beds with simple design and natural wood colour blends well into any home interior. Make use of the under bed space to tidy up your bedroom and improve your bedroom environment for better sleeping quality. All beds are available in the size of Single, Semi-double, Double and Queen.

Wooden Bed
(Includes Headboard, Legs and Underbed Storage Drawer)
The thin design of the Bed Frame enhances the spacious feeling of your bedroom. Make use of the underbed space with Underbed Storage Drawer. Available in Oak and Walnut.
Oak Solid Wood Bed Bed frame is made of durable oak wood. Its natural wood colour with the simple design helps it blend well into your bedroom interior.
Wooden Storage Bed
(Includes Headboard and Additional Unit)
MUJI’s Storage Bed is featured with drawers and open storage space that allows you plenty of under bed storage capacity for storing different items effectively based on frequency of usage.

Quilted Pad

Hong Kong has a humid temperament, keeping your bed dry is very important for daily hygiene. Putting a bed pad on your mattress could help absorb body moisture in order to reduce the breeding of bacteria on the mattress surface. It is machine-washable with a laundry net. A rubber band is attached under the bed pad to keep the bed pad in place.

Organic Cotton Seersucker Quilted Pad
(Single / Double)
Made of 100% organic cotton in seersucker. Its uneven texture allows good air circulation, allowing you to feel cool in summer, giving you a good night’s sleep. Pillow case, duvet cover, fitted sheet and pajama are also available in the same materials.
Linen Cotton Grid Seersucker Quilted Pad
(Single / Double)
Linen and cotton yarn crisscross knitted, its ribbed surface brings softness and comfort, making you cool in summer.
Pillow case, duvet cover, fitted sheet are also available in the same materials.
Antibacterial Polyester Bed Pad
(Single / Semi Double / Double / Queen)
The bed pad filling is made of antibacterial cotton which helps absorb the sweat released while sleeping by putting it between mattress and bed linen to keep mattress clean and hygienic.
Body Pressure Dispersion Urethane Mat – Hard / Soft
(Single / Semi-double / Double / Queen)
Made of breathable urethane that allows pressure to be evenly spread and able to support different sleeping positions.

Pillow Covers, Fitted Sheets and Duvet Covers

Pillow covers, fitted sheets and duvet covers are bedding items that needs constant washing in the hot and humid summers. Choose from different bedding items made of natural materials for various seasons or a bed set suitable for all year round.

Choose your favourite bedding set according to its texture and stiffness for a good night’s sleep. Range from the breathable Organic Cotton Seersucker, Linen Plain Weave or Linen Cotton Grid Seersucker to the soft Organic Washed Cotton, Organic Cotton Pile Blanket. Thin blankets and pajamas are available for certain materials as well.

Organic Washed Cotton
(Pillow Covers / Sheets / Duvet Covers)
Woven with 100% organic cotton with washed process to keep the suppleness even after repeated washing. Durable and suitable for frequent washing in the hot summers.
Organic Cotton Seersucker
(Pillow Covers / Sheets / Duvet Covers)
Soft and woven with 100% organic cotton. The uneven surface reduces contact with skin, providing breathability and dryness.
Linen Plaine Weave
(Pillow Covers / Sheets / Duvet Covers)
100% linen with excellent heat and moisture-wicking properties. Underwent washed process for a unique suppleness which increases with time and use.
Linen Cotton Grid Seersucker
(Pillow Covers / Sheets / Duvet Covers)
Made with 55% linen and 40% cotton, the uneven checkered surface reduces contact with skin, providing breathability. Combining the dryness of linen and softness of cotton, most suitable for summers.
Organic Cotton Triple Gauze
(Pillow Covers / Sheets / Duvet Covers)
Woven in triple gauze with 100% organic cotton. Air is trapped between the fabric, allowing the sheets to be fluffy and soft. Suitable for all year round even as a thin blanket in summer.
Organic Cotton Sinker Pile
(Pillow Covers / Sheets)
Strengthened the loop pile twisting, bringing a unique texture. With light and dark blue colours.
Organic Cotton Jersey
(Pillow Covers / Sheets / Duvet Covers)
Made with organic cotton with plain stitch, bringing a soft and elastic texture with comfort like daily T-Shirts.
Cotton High Density
(Pillow Covers / Sheets / Duvet Covers)
Riding on bedding used in hotels, high density pillow cases, sheets and duvet covers with top quality gloss and sheer are produced. To maintain and clean, place in laundry bag and machine wash. Colours range from off white to light grey.


Choose pillows that provide sufficient support for the neck with a suitable height, so that your spine doesn’t go out of alignment for quality sleep.

Pillows need constant changing similar to other bedding items. If you pillow becomes stiff, it might be time for replacement. However, durability varies among pillows made with different material. Down pillows usually last for 2 years and above, while fiber / cellulose pillows usually last not as long. Regular replacing maintains quality sleep.

Choose a suitable pillow for a good night’s sleep.

Feather Pillow
Made of feathers from water fowl, gently cradling your head, bringing you comfortable support with excellent breathability. To test your down pillow, place the pillow on a table, fold it in half and squeeze out the air. Let the pillow go and if unfolds itself back to its original shape then it means the filling still has enough support in it.
Polyester Washable One Side Pile Pillow
Polyester is mixed with soft cotton and plastic piles as filing. Height adjustable just by flipping the pillow. The shape of the pillow fits the contours of your shoulders, allowing a good night’s sleep.
Urethane Foam Low Repulsion Quilt Pillow
Polyester mixed with Cotton wrapped around low repulsion material for a unique fluffiness.
Polyethylene Film Pillow
Made with polyethylene. Soft, comfortable and washable.

Duvet and Blanket

Consider whether to change your duvet covers according to the weather and season. A good set of bedding is able to adjust your body temperature during sleep with their material and thickness.

A thicker towel blanket or comforter is suitable when a lower indoor temperature is necessary to reduce moisture ; While a thinner duvet is good when fans are in use instead.

Organic Cotton Blended Pile Blanket
(Single / Double)
Made with blanket material for softness. Piles are water absorbent, supple and soft.
Organic Indian Cotton Blanket
(Single / Double)
Made with Organic Cotton from India, retaining the material’s natural colour and texture without dyeing; Slightly more firm than pile blanket.
Organic Cotton One Side Gauze Blanket
(Single / Double)
One side is gauze and the other is pile blanket material for a blend of breathability and softness, suitable for different weather and seasons.
Organic Cotton Waffle Blanket
(Single / Double)
Made of waffle blanket with uneven surface; Supple, soft and fluffy.
Linen Cotton Grid Seersucker Thin Duvet
(Single / Double)
Made with intertwining linen yarns and cotton yarns, hence the uneven surface, providing coolness and breeziness.
Organic Cotton Seersucker Thin Duvet
(Single / Double)
With vertically aligned wavy stripes in organic cotton seersucker, this duvet is soft and cool. Pillow Covers, Fitted Sheets and Duvet Covers in the same material and weaving method available.

Changing Your Sleep With Your Bedroom

Adjust your bedroom temperament from light, scent, temperature and humidity by new bedding, essential oils, fans and pajamas, bringing you a good night’s sleep.


Relax with aroma diffusers and aroma stones in the bedroom for an easy sleep.

If a night light is preferred, the aroma diffuser comes with a 2 stage light adjustment, bringing a gentle glow in the darkness.

Blend Essential Oil – Relax Time
With Lavender as the base note and blended with Sweet Orange and Geranium for a soft aroma to relax and tranquilize.

Includes: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Geranium and Ho Wood.
Blend Essential Oil – Sleeping
Blended Bergamot and Sweet Orange for relaxation.

Includes: Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Japanese Cypress and Ho Wood.
Essential Oil – Japanese Cypress
Coming from Japanese Cypress that has not been made into building material, giving off the scent of a forest just before you sleep.
Essential Oil – Lavender
Floral scents are good for relaxation, leading the way for a good night’s sleep.
Aroma Diffuser – S
A small capacity Aroma Diffuser suitable for bedrooms around 100 square feet. Houses an LED lamp that has an ambient glow with 2 light settings. Operation times of 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes.
Aroma Stone with Plate
Allows you to enjoy the fragrance of your essential oils simply by soaking up the oil without heat or flames. With white and gray to naturally blend into any interior.


Suitable sleeping temperatures are 18 – 20 Celsius. Adjust your indoor temperature with fan to help with air circulation, providing a comfortable sleeping environment.

Low-noise fans can keep your surroundings quiet, bringing you a good night’s sleep.

Circulator Fan - Low Noise
The fan blades have been modified completely to provide a circulator with sufficient air flow and low operation noise. Removable cover to make it easy to clean the fan blades.
Circulator Fan - Low Noise Large Air Volume Type
Provides sufficient airflow for a comfortable sleeping environment. Removable cover to make it easy to clean the fan blades.


To maintain a cool and comfortable living environment, pajamas is also an important factor. Pajamas made with natural material and excellent moisture-wicking properties can allow you a good night’s sleep.

To maximize sleeping comfort, MUJI’s pajamas with seams eliminated will reduce friction between the fabric and skin. Washing Care label is also printed directly on the fabric to prevent discomfort. With jersey, double gauze or waffle weaving, MUJI brings you a range of choices to suit your personal needs.

Ladies' Jersey Short Sleeve Kurta
Originated from the Punjab area in India. The local people wore the Kurta as pajamas. Made from organic cotton, the Kurta brings you a soft and comfortable touch.
Ladies' Seamless
Jersey Short Sleeve Pajamas
Plain Weave Pajamas have a moisture-wicking and easy dry properties. Soft and comfortable, ensuring a good rest.
Ladies' Seamless Double Gauze
3/4 Sleeve Pajamas
The layer of air between Double Gauze pajamas helps to dissipate heat and moisture, keeping you dry and in summer while warm in the winter.
Men's Seamless Waffle
Short Sleeve Pajamas
Waffle weaving pajamas have an uneven texture, fluffy and comfortable.