MUJI’s First Macao Store
Opens at The Venetian Macao 16 December
A 21,000 sqft
daily goods department store
that supports all aspects of everyday life

Since the establishment in 1980, MUJI has been reflecting on the relationship between human beings, objects, and nature, with an aspiration to create practical, quality products at reasonable prices. MUJI products, born from a rational manufacturing process, are like empty vessels that articulate simplicity and emptiness, yielding universality that embraces the feelings and thoughts of all people. The comfort and convenience brought by MUJI products have gained resonance and recognition from many customers. As of August 2022, MUJI operated over 1,072 stores globally, including 493 domestic stores in Japan and 579 overseas stores. MUJI started setting foothold in Hong Kong and Mainland China in 2001 and 2005 respectively. To share the ideology of “a simple, pleasant life” with more customers, MUJI opens its first store in Macao to support people living in the area by providing apparel, household goods, food, and on-the-go essentials that meet the needs of every aspect in day-to-day living.

Operated by MUJI Hong Kong, the first MUJI store in Macao will open at The Venetian® Macao on 16 December 2022 at 11 am. The Venetian Macao is chosen for the opening of the first store since it is a large-scale shopping complex well known to locals and visitors, and this allows MUJI to reach out to customers of all ages who have different personalities and lifestyles, and cater to their daily needs.

With a total floor area of 21,000 square feet, the new store is the largest retail store in Hong Kong and Macao region. Based on MUJI’s ideology of “a simple, pleasant life”, besides offering the most comprehensive merchandise assortment from the users’ perspective, the new store also features a home living thematic display area so customers can find inspirations for living well under a spacious, comfortable store environment.

“Nature and Modern Living” as store design concept

    With “Nature and Modern Living” as the store design concept, the new store aims to convey MUJI’s philosophy of “simplicity and “without unnecessary features or decorations” in a visualized, sensible way through an interior design emphasizing on the use of different materials and merchandise display. The new store has two floors—on the lower floor, natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal are used to reveal their original and processed forms, allowing customers to re-discover nature, the origin of every objects, and explore its possibilities; on the upper floor, artificial industrial materials such as metal plates and steel pipes are combined with natural materials to create new textures, together with the open ceiling design, aiming to bring a store ambience that presents MUJI’s view of nature in a way that customers have not experienced before.

    A “One-stop Daily Goods Department Store” supporting all aspects of daily life

      Clothing, food, accommodation, and travelling are the basics of life. MUJI continuously creates and improves products through three core principles—material selection, process streamlining, and packaging simplification, bringing customers over 7,000 simple-designed, functional daily goods at reasonable prices for a convenient, comfortable life. The new store features the most comprehensive merchandise assortment ranging from men’s, ladies’ and children’s wear, MUJI Labo, household goods, personal care items, food, to MUJI to GO on-the-go essentials, taking care of every aspect of daily life.

      Features a home living thematic display area to bring inspirations for modern homes

        How to make the best use of limited space for a comfortable home living has always been a common concern of today’s customers. The new store will feature a 700-square-feet home living thematic display area, where simple-designed, versatile, and compatible MUJI furniture and storage items are arranged together to present the scenes of living room, dining room, and bedroom, demonstrating the comfort and peace of mind brought by a simple, pleasant life for inspirations about modern home furnishings.

        Signature Items of MUJI
        Companion to Daily Life

        Life is made up of everyday interactions between people and objects. Through meticulous observation from daily life, MUJI examine products through three principles – material selection, process streamlining and packaging simplification based on users’ point of view, bringing more than 7,000 daily necessities that are designed with simplicity in mind, functional, and reasonably priced to cater everyday needs. The new store offers the most comprehensive merchandise assortment, taking care of every aspect of daily life including clothing, food, accommodation, and traveling for a convenient, comfortable life.


        With an eye for comfort and functionality, MUJI wear is mainly made from natural materials to meet seasonality and daily living needs, bringing daily wear suitable for going out or wearing at home.

        Right Angle Socks

        Regular Price: MOP$25 While ordinary socks are created at a 120-degree angle leaving a gap between the socks and your feet, MUJI’s Right Angle Socks are shaped to narrow the gap and completely cover the heel, so even if it is a low-cut design, the socks are not easy to slip off, and they remain comfortable and fit when worn. Available in various styles to match different shoes, such as sneakers, flats, or high heels.

        Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton
        Water Repellent Comfortable Sneakers

        Regular Price: MOP$195 Insole with cushioning and anti-shock properties is added to the sneaker. Its concave shape design conforms to ergonomics and effectively supports the feet, making them less likely to feel tired when walking. The fabric is treated with water repellent process to protect the sneakers against water-based stains on rainy days. Available in all-season white and various seasonal colours for ease of styling.

        Jute Bag

        Regular Price: MOP$15 – MOP$30 Jute is a fast-growing tree that can reach a height of almost 3 meters in 3 to 4 months after sowing. Durable and strong, jute has been used since ancient times in India to make grain sacks or mats. Our jute bag is made of undyed jute that can be decomposed and recycled after worn, making it an environmentally friendly material. Available in B5, A6, A4 and A3 sizes.


        Based on the food development principle of “No added chemical seasonings, artificial flavourings and colourings”, the original flavour of the ingredients is retained to bring convenient, healthy food choices for busy metropolitans. Food wastage is minimized during production processes without affecting the taste of food items.

        Instant Curry Series

        Regular Price: MOP$20 – MOP$58 Through visits to curry origins and references to local recipes, MUJI brings you a variety of instant curries with authentic taste and different levels of spiciness. Heat it with hot water or microwave and enjoy. It can be stored at room temperature for convenience. Available in more than 30 flavours, with the non-spicy Apple & Vegetable Curry as the best-selling flavour.

        Instant Soup Series

        Regular Price: MOP$28 – MOP$68 Over 20 choices of western and Japanese soups are available. Made with freeze-drying technology, it is ready to serve in minutes by just adding hot water. An ideal light food to replenish energy.

        Baumkuchen Series

        Regular Price: MOP$15 Food ingredients are highly cherished and baumkuchen with uneven colour or shape won’t be screened out. The shape of each Baumkuchen may be different, but all of them are equally delicious. There are more than 10 flavours to choose from, such as chocolate, caramel, coffee, and banana.

        Household Goods

        Regarding product design, MUJI remains true to the philosophy of “Create daily goods in the forms that are truly necessary” to bring products that provide basic functions, and can be used for a long time. Each product design is a rational expression of its essence without unnecessary decorations that articulates simplicity, allowing each product to blend into your living environment naturally, and become part of your life. For personal care items, MUJI uses natural water from deep mountain caves in Japan and a variety of natural plant extracts and moisturising functional properties to bring different series of face, body, and hair care series so users can choose suitable items based on seasons and skin conditions.

        Beads Sofa with Cover

        Regular Price: MOP$1,260 – MOP$1,410 The microbeads filling offers comfortable support by cushioning where it’s needed most. When used horizontally, it wraps from shoulders to waist for soft support so you can sit on it comfortably for reading or watching TV; when used vertically, it stretches out to naturally support your whole body for enhanced comfort when you lie down for a nap. Must be used with a Beads Sofa Cover, which is sold separately. Replenishing Cushion is also available for refill.

        PP Sturdy Storage Box

        Regular Price: MOP$100 – MOP$200 Made with sturdy, durable PP material, the storage box is suitable for use in outdoor spaces such as balconies and usable as a coffee table or a stool with the lid closed. Designed with handles so you can move it around easily. Available in 22L, 30L, 50L and 70L sizes for plentiful storage capacity.

        Sensitive Skin Face Care Series

        Regular Price: MOP$22 – MOP$138 Features a mild formula and infused with natural plant properties such as grapefruit and purslane extracts and moisturising functional properties such as Lipidure® , this series is suitable for individuals with sensitive skin which is prone to dryness or skin irritation caused by dryness, season change or stress. The series offers cleansing oil, facial wash, toner, and lotion for users to complete basic skincare routine.

        MUJI to GO Travel Essentials

        Travel is an extension of daily life. Instead of preparing specially for the journey, using lightweight and functional travel accessories will make every journey as comfortable as everyday life. MUJI to GO was born from this idea.

        Polyester Water Repellent Less Tiring Backpack

        Regular Price: MOP$280 The thickness of the inner and outer sides of the shoulder pad is improved to help reduce the burden on the shoulders so you won’t feel tired easily even after long hours of use. With a multi-compartment design and a laptop compartment, users can store personal belongings in an organised way, making it suitable for work or daily outings.

        Neck Cushion

        Regular Price: MOP$108 – MOP$280 Filled with fine beads stuff and covered with stretchy material, it fits the body line naturally and provides comfortable support. Usable as a seat cushion or a mini pillow for a nap. Available in a hooded style, the hood can be used as a face cover when sleeping on a plane or car for falling asleep easier.

        Paraglider Cloth Gusset Case

        Regular Price: MOP$78 – MOP$108 Made of durable paraglider cloth, it’s suitable for storing clothes and personal items necessary for your trip in an organised way. It can be folded into a pocket size for easy storage and portability when not in use. Sizes are compatible with MUJI Suitcases so that you can fully utilise the limited space in the suitcase.

        Home Living Thematic Display Area

          The store features a home living thematic display area, brining inspirations to interior arrangement of modern homes. Based on MUJI’s ideology of “a simple, pleasant life”, the area showcases how to use the simple-design, functional MUJI Furniture and Storage Units flexibly together to organise living space and set up a comfortable home with sufficient storage capacity, bringing interior arrangement and furnishing inspirations to customers.

          Living and Dining Room

          Designed with “Life for Two” in mind, the area demonstrates utilising a limited space of 400 square feet. Wooden Stacking Shelves are used as the main furniture to construct the entire living room and dining room. Available in oak wood and walnut wood, the Wooden Stacking Shelves are sturdy, durable and have natural wood grain. Designed in standardised modular size, the shelves can be expanded vertically or horizontally or added with additional layers for assembling into a TV cabinet, storage rack, or home partition while ensuring storage capacity, demonstrating the versatility of MUJI Furniture for long-term use. Light-coloured furniture can bring a bright, fresh ambience to the home; with soft lighting, you will feel warm and relaxed.


          Steel Unit Shelf is used to construct this 200 square feet bedroom. By combing different layers, accessories and parts, you can use it as a clothes hanger, display shelf or bookcase for better use of the corner area in the bedroom. Pair with MUJI Storage Units and turn it into an open storage system in which you can store possessions in an organised way according to the frequency of use, allowing easy and quick access to frequently used items to keep your bedroom clean and tidy.

          Walnut Furniture Display Area

          Filling living space with furniture of similar colours can bring a harmonious, unified visual effect so occupants can feel more comfortable when staying home. The Walnut Furniture Display Area is about 300 square feet and demonstrates how to assemble different cabinets and parts into a storage or TV cabinet for keeping items used in everyday life. A dark-coloured leather sofa can add elegance and calmness to the living room; with a height of only 60cm, the sofa makes the living room look roomier.

          Sleep Experience Zone

          To ensure quality sleeping time, besides changing your daily habits, using suitable bedding goods can also improve sleep quality. A 200 square feet sleep experience zone is available for customers to try on different pillows, mattresses, and bed frames for selecting suitable bedding goods based on personal sleeping habits and bedroom space. Enjoy better sleep with seasonal bed linens with a comfortable touch and soft colour.

          MUJI The Venetian Macao
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