On Achieving "Compact Life"

The MUJI vision of the Compact Life means achieving a simple, pleasant life that embodies the personality of the individual with versatile products designed to provide just what is necessary.

There are four stages to achieve a "Compact Life" :

STAGE 1 Think about your possessions

Keep only what is truly necessary

Evaluate Take pictures and look for necessary items
Sort Keep only things that spark joy in you

STAGE 2 Think about the way of storage

Plan storage space, ways of organisation and items to be stored based on your living habits

Layout Gather items in one place to create open space
Stay flexible Choose storage that allows flexibility in size and usage
Organise Put an end to messy, imbalanced and disorganised way of life

STAGE 3 Think about how to organise and store items

Consider the usage of each items and organise one by one

ArrangeOrganise items by category, shape, usage and frequency
Store Store by frequency and usage, and label them

STAGE 4 Think about enriching your life

Keep only the essentials and enjoy the comfort brought by a neat space

Compact LifeOrganise life with storage units which are multifunctional and with unified design, achieving compact life which can unleash your personality