Storage for a Comfortable Life

We only create products that are necessary in everyday life, in forms that are truly necessary. MUJI has remained true to this philosophy since it was founded in 1980.

The idea of what is truly necessary differs from person to person. Individuals become attached to different things and have different priorities in life. Our vision of Compact Life is a simple and comfortable life that embodies the particular values of an individual.

The MUJI Compact Life vision does not involve living without material goods or living in a minimal sense. With the help of versatile products designed for organising life, the personality of the individual can truly be reflected.


Interior and Storage Case Study

Interior Advisory Service

Recommendations on MUJI Furniture and Storage Units that efficiently use your space for a neat and comfortable living environment.

Storage Solution
Propose storage methods and merchandise options based on applications and usage frequency of your possessions by understanding your concerns through consultation.
Furniture Selection
Offer practical recommendations on furniture selection and application based on your lifestyle and interior layout.
Interior Coordination
Apply simple 3D simulation to visualise the overall coordination of colours and furnishings for a natural and harmonious living space.

Identify Interior Advisors by this badge at MUJI stores