MUJI Storage

Organise better. Live better.

With the notion of "achieving an efficient home storage for a comfortable living that reflects the personality of owner", MUJI Storage Furniture and Units are durable and versatile in responding to different interior environment, storage needs and living styles. With reference to specification of Japanese residence, a standard module is set up to determine the sizes of MUJI storage units, allowing them to be compatible with each other and fitted into MUJI furnitures to create a personalised storage system.

Effective storage helps create more space that house owners can use freely, whenever they wish to relax, spend time on their hobbies or gather with friends and family. Meanwhile, housekeeping and working efficiency can be enhanced by reviewing how we use and keep our possessions in an organised way so that each of our possessions can be fully utilised.

Storage Furniture and Units

Stainless Steel / Steel Unit Shelf
Wooden Stacking Cabinet
Wooden Stacking Cabinet
Wooden Stacking Cabinet

Storage Units

(○ Compatible with Steel Unit Shelf / ● Compatible with Wooden Stacking Shelf)

PP Drawer
PP Rack
PP Makeup Box
PP File Box
Rattan Storage
Bac Bac Storage
Stainless Steel Storage
Cotton Linen Storage
Cardboard Storage
Soft PE Storage
Acrylic Storage
MDF Storage


PS Partition
Polypropylene Partition Case
PP Desk Organizer
PP Arrangement Box

Interior Advisory Service

Recommendations on MUJI Furniture and Storage Units that efficiently use your space for a neat and comfortable living environment.

Storage Solution
Propose storage methods and merchandise options based on applications and usage frequency of your possessions by understanding your concerns through consultation.
Furniture Selection
Offer practical recommendations on furniture selection and application based on your lifestyle and interior layout.
Interior Coordination
Apply simple 3D simulation to visualise the overall coordination of colours and furnishings for a natural and harmonious living space.