Plant-based Hair Care

Gentle Care to Scalp and Hair

MUJI offers four hair care series for different scalp and types as well as practical tools, bringing you a healthy scalp and hair.

Features of Our Hair Care Series

  • Cleansing agents that are gentle to the scalp

    Made with plant-based amino acids to gently cleanse our scalp and hair, keeping them moisturised and healthy.

  • Free of 7 additives

    No added petroleum-based cleansing agents, silicone, parabens, artificial fragrance, colourings, alcohol and mineral oils.

  • Four series available

    Four series available

    Available in Sensitive Care, Scalp Care, Damage Care and Anti-aging Care for different hair types and personal preferences.

  • Natural scent

    Blended with essential oils extracted from flowers, trees and fruits for a natural scent.


Choose suitable shampoo and conditioner based on your hair type to remove oil and dirt for a healthy scalp and soft, smooth hair.

The Four Series

Choose your items based on personal preference and finishing effects

Sensitive Care Series

Helps to keep sensitive scalps healthy and hair moisturised and light.

Suitable hair type

  • Normal hair
  • Hair dryness due to season change or stress

Damage Care Series

Moisturises frizzy or damaged hair and helps restore its smoothness and ease of combing.

Suitable hair type

  • Dry hair
  • Damaged hair due to perms or colour treatment
  • Frizzy hair
  • Lack of shine and smoothness

Scalp Care Series

Gently removes dirt and oil from the scalp and hair so you will feel fresh.

Suitable hair type

  • Oily hair
  • Excess sebum production
  • Frizzy hair
  • Lack of bounce
Scalp Care Shampoo

Anti-aging Care Series

Moisturises dry or mature hair and helps restore its strength and elasticity.

Suitable hair type

  • Dry hair
  • Dry scalp
  • Hair texture change
  • Lack of strength and bounce


Apply suitable hair care items before blow-drying your hair to protect it against damage from heat-styling.

Jojoba Oil 100ml Features a light, smooth texture and high permeability for quick moisturising; applicable on face, body, scalp and hair of all types.
Argan Oil 100ml Nourish damaged hair with oil.
Hair Serum 45ml Features a light texture and nourishes hair damaged by perms, colour treatment, or dryness.


Brush your hair with the right comb for smooth, shiny hair.

Scalp Care Brush The comb has a soft, elastic cushioning surface which reduces the burden on the scalp and gently stimulates the scalp when combing.
Wooden Hair Brush For blow-drying and brushing. Especially suitable for strong and bouncy or straight hair types.
Wooden Hair Brush For blow-drying and brushing. Especially suitable for thin, frizzy or naturally curly hair types.
Wooden Hair Brush Made of beech wood for gentle combing of hair; the flat shape allows easy carrying around.


Available in clear and white PET Bottles for shampoo and conditioner refills.

Use with Face and Body Care Items
for a Complete Personal Care Routine

  • Sensitive Care

    Suitable skin type

    • Prone to skin problems caused by season change
    • Skin sensitive to alcohol and other derivatives
    • Skin damage caused by overexposure to the sun
  • Anti-aging Care

    Suitable skin type

    • Dry or mature skin
    • Dull skin
    • Lack of elasticity
    • Skin dryness caused by UV rays
  • Clear Care

    Suitable skin type

    • Oily skin or problematic skin caused by overproduction of sebum
    • Large pores, acne and pimples found on skin
    • Skin texture disorder
    • Those who enjoy a citrus scent
  • Herbal Care

    Suitable skin type

    • Skin often feels dry throughout the year
    • Prone to skin problems caused by dryness
    • Uneven skin texture
    • Skin damage caused by overexposure to the sun