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Food Market searches for the necessary ingredients in everyday diet from local, Japan, and worldwide from the viewpoints of MUJI. By examining the climate and natural environment of origin and understanding the cultivation and manufacturing methods, we introduce farm-to-table vegetables, fresh fruits, seasonings, convenient food, snacks, and drinks, bringing a wide range of safe, delicious and healthy options to your dining table for easy preparation of breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

Essential Food for Living

With customers’ health in mind, we have selected seven types of essential food for living and sold at a reasonable price. They are manufactured under traditional methods, and without unnecessary elements, chemical flavourings and food additives, bringing a range of essential food for living

Farm Direct Vegetables

Seasonality of crops and cultivation methods, reducing the use of pesticides, and caring for the environment are the primary considerations. Collaborating with Oisix from Japan, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are available every week to let customers taste the delicious gifts from nature.

Farm Direct Fruits

Selling seasonal fresh fruits from various origins without using pesticides and delivered from farm to table, together with everyday fruits such as apple and banana for supplementing vitamins and fibres.

Dairy Products

Selecting products such as soymilk, tofu and cheese, which are freshly delivered with an eye for the origin and the manufacturing process, ensuring food safety for customers.


Seasoning is an essential element of culinary. We have chosen a range of seasonings made from the traditional method and without additives, which can bring out the freshness of food and enrich the flavors of food. Besides Kyoto Kujonegi, Okinawa Agu Pork for making miso, there are also Seaweed and Stock Powder, and you can prepare Japanese cuisine at ease.

Staple Food

Storing staple food at home can provide you with daily nutrition and energy whenever needed. Canned food, granola, bread and pancake powder are for a quick meal, while Spaghetti, Somen, Handmade Noodle and Instant Congee can be matched with instant sauces for a delicious meal. A range of gluten-free food is also available.


To maintain the original taste of food, all snacks are produced especially to the nature of the food. For instance, the fruits are half-dried with low temperatures, and the nuts are roasted by infrared or baked with steam. No additives for our selected dried fruit, nuts and handmade chocolate make it suitable for both adult and children.


Selected drinks that are safe to drink, including vegetable juice with high dietary fibre and nutrition, fruit juice without additives, additional water and fragrant, as well as pure apple juice extracted from apple with peeling the skin. A range of Japanese sake and fruit liquor is also available. Sake is categorized in accordance to taste for easy food pairing.

New Life Farm

New Life Farm is the first and only agricultural sheltered workshop in Hong Kong, which has since been converted into an organic farm and certified by the Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre. The farm also provides different types of job training for People-in-recovery, as well as job training that integrates productivity, reward and social rehabilitation elements to help them realize their potential and integrate into society.


Local Organic Red Amaranth

The leaves are soft and smooth, suitable for stir-frying or cooking as soups; rich in iron helps to improves blood circulation.

Local Organic White Long Bean

Rich in Vitamin B complex, helps to relieve summer fatigue.The texture is soft and good in taste. Suggested to stir-fried with fish floss.

Local Organic Chives

With slightly pungent flavor and distinctive aroma, it helps to increase appetite. It is recommended to add shredded dried beans, shredded apricot mushrooms for quick stir-frying or make as dumpling fillings.

Local Organic Duo Okra

Contain with both red and yellow okra, it is sticky but tasty. Rich in protein and vitamins, it is suitable to mix it with sesame oil and makes it as cold dishes.

The Taste of Spring — Food Market Exclusive

Spring is a season filled with vitality, food market selected a wide range of refreshing seasonal ingredients, snacks and drinks to welcome the start of a fruitful new year.


Edoya Snacks

Hokkaido's natural ingredients are selected and centrifuged in the pan to remove excessive oil followed by low-temperature frying and drying processes. It retains the original flavour of the ingredients and without any additives added, making it as a delicious and healthy choice.

Tokujuen Organic Tea

Organic tea grow with leaves from tea garden as natural fertilizer. Yamasuso tea brings the aroma of roasted tea leaves and the sweet flavor from sencha while Sencha tea made with deep steaming method which brings moderate sweetness with a refreshing aftertaste. The green tea powder is rich in vegetable fibres and suitable for making desserts and drinks.

Kamaishi Ramen

Kamaishi Ramen is a signature ramen of Kamaishi City in Iwate Prefecture. It it known for the thin and chewy texture. The soup base is made with blue mussels and krills from Iwate Prefecture which are simmered for a long time to give a rich flavour.

Kira Shokuhin Dried Vegetables

Made from vegetables grown in Kyushu and dried with hot air drying method, suitable for cooking miso soup or making variety of light meals.

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