Sensitive Skincare Non-irritating series for delicate skin

Gentle cares for sensitive skin easily irritated by dryness and stress, restore skin into a moist and healthy condition.

※Free of fragrance, colouration, mineral oil, paraben and alcohol. Allergy-tested. (Subject to individual skin condition.)
Moisturising Function Ingredients
Lipidure (Polyquaternium-51), Sodium Hyaluronate
Natural Botanica Ingredients
Combines moisturising grapefruit seed extract with skin-protecting purslane extract to defend your skin against dryness. ※Images are for reference only.
Grapefruit seed  




Intensive Skincare

Lotion sheets

Lotion Sheets is available in 2 types: "Lotion Sheet for Face" for the entire face and "Eye Mask Sheet" for specific points such as the areas around the eyes and lips where dryness is common. Place the coin-shaped inside the cap of a 200ml bottle of MUJI toning water and pour in adequate toning water. The water-soaked sheet will expand cylindrically and become easily expanded into a mask. Apply it to your entire face by adjusting it from the position of your eyes first. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes to supply moisture to your skin.
* When using the 400ml bottle, please soak the lotion sheet in a small plate or tray.

Tools for Toning Water and Moisturising Milk

Other than proper care for your skin by using your hands and cotton, a spray head can also be useful to turn toning water into fine mist for a quick moisture replenishment to skin. The spray head can be installed to a MUJI toning water bottle simply by replacing the original cap. It can be used with one hand conveniently whenever you wish to moisturise your face or body. For 400ml toning water, Trigger Spray Head is recommended for generating a wide-spread mist with minimal effort. Please select the Pump Head when applying moisturising milk or toning water with viscous texture.


Use cotton when applying toning water for maximum utilisation. A piece of Peelable Cotton can be separated into 4 sheets when use. First lay the cotton over your middle finger and ring finger and then hold it firmly between your pointer finger and little finger. Pour adequate toning water onto the cotton and then pat it on your face. After patting, peel the cotton into 4 sheets and apply to your cheeks, forehead, chin or any other dry spots to become a simple mask.

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