Opens on December 1

MUJI’s 20th store in Hong Kong – MUJI YOHO MALL is opened on 1st December 2018. The new store covers a total of approximately 5,800 square feet. MUJI’s intrinsic design elements such as metal, wood and soil creates a harmonious shopping space. The high ceiling design brings a spacious and cozy shopping experience to customers.

MUJI's design concept stems from users’ point of view and detailed observation from daily life, developing more than 7,000 daily goods items. By stationing at Yuen Long, MUJI hopes to cater to the needs of more customers, allowing people to shop for daily goods more conveniently. Besides garment, household items and food, the new store also offers MUJI to GO travelling gear and MUJI WALKER Active Wear, providing a wider range of choices for outdoor lovers of Yuen Long.

With Xmas approaching, choose from MUJI’s practical Xmas gifts or prepare party food to celebrate with beloved ones.

    Comfortable Daily Life

    MUJI YOHO MALL offers a wide range of daily goods such as clothing, household items and food, catering to personal needs.

    Daily Outfit

    Everyday Styling

    With an eye for comfort and functionality, MUJI's garments are made of natural materials, including organic cotton or yak wool. From Flannel, Light Down to Warm Series Innerwear and pajamas for autumn and winter, play with different coordination from just a single wardrobe.

    Daily Household Items

    Storage Items

    Compact and space saving, MUJI's Storage items come in standardised sizes, choose from materials such as PP, PE and Stainless Steel for different usage. Pair them with Wood Stacking Shelf or Stainless Steel Unit Shelf to enhance storage efficiency.

    Bed Linen

    As temperature changes, choose from Bed Linen, Duvet Cover and Pillow Cover which helps regulate room temperature and humidity for better sleep. Made mainly from organic cotton, MUJI's bed linen comes different textures due to various weaving methods. Earthly colours and simple patterns naturally integrates with your room, creating a harmonious rest environment.


    Pamper your skin every day with skincare products made from natural and gentle ingredients. We use natural water collected from caves in Japan to create four skincare series infused with plant extracts. Choose from Toning Water, Cream, Lotion and Mask, taking care of skin as weather changes.

    Aroma and Interior Fragrance

    MUJI's 100% pure essential oil comes from fruits and plants carefully selected world-wide. Be it Cypress from Japan or Lavender from France, they are all extracted from time-honored methods. Use them with our Aroma Diffusers to bask in the relaxing waft.

    MUJI to GO Travelling Gear

    With the travelling needs of modern people in mind, MUJI to GO offers simple yet functional travel gear that can meet your needs on the way and match together flexibility, making your trip as comfortable as your daily routine.

    Practical Xmas Gifts

    Sending Festive Blessings

    Share your blessings and happiness with beloved as Xmas approaches. Pick daily favourite items as Xmas gifts for friends and family this festive season to send your blessings.

    Shop 1002 - 1003, Level 1, YOHO MALL I, 9 Long Yat Road, Yuen Long, New Territories
    Business hours:
    Mon-Thur 11:00 - 21:30
    Fri - Sun, Public Holiday and Public Holiday Eve 11:00 - 22:00