A very special little place,
all your own—MUJI Hut

Who hasn’t dreamt of living somewhere they really want to be? The tools to make that dream a reality are now available. It’s not as dramatic as owning a house or a vacation home, but it’s not as basic as going on a trip.

Put it in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, and it immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life.

This was the vision behind our radically new MUJI Hut concept.

Small but spacious

The interior is compact at 9m2, but the porch and the high shed roof create a space large enough for 3–4 people to relax in. The large window at the entrance was originally made to be a shop’s sliding door. Light and wind visit through another smaller window.

Traditional craftwork

All of the wood used for the hut is from Japan. The outer walls are given enhanced antiseptic properties and durability by applying burned hardwood cladding. This is borrowed from the traditional art of Japanese shipbuilding, where builders burn cedar wood to increase its strength and add an oil stain finish. The inner wall surfaces are left untreated so you can design the interior any way you like.

Simple design makes everything easy

The MUJI Hut has a raft foundation, which is the type used in ordinary homes. It provides strength and guards against ground moisture. The mortar floor surface is left as is. Even in dirt-prone environments, the floor can be used freely like an earthen floor. Since the floor surface is nice and smooth, cleaning is easy, and flooring or rugs can be laid anywhere to suit your taste.


Interior layout 9.1m²
Porch 3.1m²
Front elevation
Side view
Ground plan
Timber framing construction
Reinforced concrete construction with raft foundation (with damp-proof sheeting; no under-floor ventilation)
Frame: Structural lumber, laminated structural timber (coniferous wood for both); Outer walls: Burnt cedar (oil stain finish); Inner walls: Structural plywood (core), Japanese cypress veneer (surface); Floor: Mortar finish; Roof: Structural plywood (foundation), asphalt roofing (foundation), galvalume (surface); Sliding door and small window: Aluminium sash (single-layer glass); Insulation material: Polystyrene foam (attic only)
Outer walls: Burnt cedar (oil stain finish)
Inner walls: Japanese cypress plywood (surface)
Floor: Mortar finish
Release date
Autumn, 2017

* There is no sales schedule outside Japan.

The warranty covers the building frame for five years and the rest of the hut for one year. You can rest assured that your MUJI Hut will last a long time.

* Please contact us for warranty details.


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