Beads sofa and app fitting your body.
The best relaxation for you.

Beads sofa at home.
Neck cushion fits you outside the home.
The updated MUJI to Relax app supports your optimum relaxation and sleep.


Sleep app "MUJI to Sleep" updated

Besides the six sounds of nature to make you sleep, you can now create your own relaxing music.

Create your own relaxing music
with your pulse and the time.

Use the smartphone's light and camera to measure your pulse.
From countless sound combinations,
the best relaxing music for you is created.

  1. Wear the headphones to start the app.
  2. Tap the plus button.
  3. The camera and light will measure your pulse to create the music.

Smart watches also supported.
Your pulse is measured in real time,
and the best music for you is created.

The app together with your smart watch
measures your pulse in real time.
You can select or stop the music.


  • *Only Android smart watches are supported.
  • *May not work with certain models.

How to Use the Body-fitting Sofa

Free-forming, soft cushion for many uses in many places.

Move the sofa anywhere.
The sofa has a small footprint.

Move the horizontal portable sofa anywhere
you want. Great for unexpected guests.

Vertically, the sofa wraps around you
for comfortable sitting.

Stretch out and turn in your sleep.

The sturdy material stretches
and returns back to form.

Sturdy material and 0.5mm beads fit the body easily with little deforming.

Replaceable cover

Machine washable cover.
Change the cover to one matching your room.

Use two together for even more comfort.

Two together wrap around your body completely.

Beads sofa

*Cover sold separately.

Online store


It wraps from the shoulder to the waist.
It spread in a circle, the body will subduction deeply.

Beads sofa cover

*The types of available covers differ depending on the country.