Weekend Specials: 8 – 10 March 2019


Weekend Specials

Friday to Sunday

8 – 10 March 2019


Good quality items at PRICE REDUCTIONS for a limited time only!
Shop them this weekend, available at all stores!

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Created to fit the foot well and prevent from slipping off. Mix and match 3 pairs from a wide variety of designs to form your basis for every occasion. Only applicable to $4.90 range.

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Men’s & Ladies’ Double Gauze Seamless Pajamas

Softly knit organic cotton for breathability and absorbency. The side seams are eliminated so nothing rubs against the skin. So light and soft it’s like being wrapped in a blanket of air where you’ll enjoy a truly comfortable night’s sleep.

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Organic Cotton Face Towels

The towel keeps its comfy texture and absorbency even after repeated washing. Find the right towel type to suit your needs!

  • Thin – Light and Dries Easily
    Thinner than the others, easy to store, and dries quickly. A convenient choice for travel, business trips, or just carrying around town.
  • Medium – Handy and Fluffy
    Well balanced, with superior absorbency and a weight that is ideal for regular use. Its fluffiness is a delight for the skin.
  • Thick – Volume and Absorbency
    A thick towel with long pile is ideal when high absorbency and a voluminous feel is what you seek. Made of high-quality cotton, this towel type provides your skin with a special feeling of comfort.