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Wardrobe Organising (2)

Weekend Spent Organizing Wardrobe

Once in 6-month time, I will do ‘Dansyari (断捨離)’ of clothes – a Japanese expression to describe the action of getting rid of physical and mental clutter as a way to simplify life.

How to do it?


Step 1: Categorize

Take out all the clothes from your wardrobe, and sort them into the following categories:

  • Keep (Your favourites, or clothes that you will continue to wear / frequently worn)
  • Throw (Damaged or in unwearable condition)
  • Recycle / Reuse (Clothes that are still in wearable condition, but will not want to wear anymore)


Step 2: Organize

After sorting, it’s time to organize the clothes that you want to “Keep” by their usage and purpose, and prepare appropriate storage boxes for them. Below are my recommendation using MUJI products:

  • PP Boxes: Clothes
  • ½ PP File Box: Innerwear
  • Cotton Linen Box: Towels
  • PP Box (25cm): Others (e.g. health care items)
Wardrobe Organising (1) Wardrobe Organising (3)


Choice of Hangers:

While organizing, I wanted to keep my clothes organized like the ones in MUJI store. Hence, I’ve bought the “Birch Thin Hanger 3pcs Set”. I am only using this hanger inside the wardrobe. As for external usage, I am using PP or Aluminium type hangers.

  • Internal = use it in the room/closet.
  • External = use it for drying

Aluminum and PP thin hangers are good for drying as they are cheap, light, and durable.
Wooden hangers have a thickness, so they are good to keep clothes in shape, while some wooden hangers has deodorizing effect.


Tip! Try using slotting method for an even tidier storage.
Clothes such as t-shirts, underwear and socks can be folded and stored in the way of slotting instead of stacking. By doing so, their colors or patterns are visible and you will be able to retrieve the item individually. Fold them at a consistent width so that you can store them neatly.


Content Contributor:
MUJI Staff (Satsuki Watanabe)


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