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Self-care while working from home!

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Working from home means there is no need to rush to prepare in the morning. Instead of applying just the all-in-one gel alone, I have more time to apply each step individually to yield better and more effective results!

Aging care is not only for matured age groups. If you have dry skin, this series will be suitable too!

Tips: After cleansing, apply the toning water first followed by the moisturizing milk and all-in-one gel as the last step.

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Step 1:
Aging care light toning water

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Step 2:
Aging care moisturizing milk

Aging Care_edited-03

Step 3:
Aging care all-in-one gel

Content Contributor:
MUJI Staff (Ho Yuen Yi)

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Skincare Made from Natural Water of Kamaishi

Water is the most vital element in skincare and we take an utmost care in selecting pure natural water drawn from the cave in Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture in Northeast Japan. Here, extremely fine water drips are filtered between layers of bedrock for years. Ultra-soft water with a low mineral content and slightly alkaline pH balance (similar to the pH of human tears) are collected and used in MUJI Skincare, which can be easily absorbed by the skin.