MUJI Community Market

Japanese Food & Crafts

Thursday, 30 September – Wednesday, 13 October 2021

In connecting people and the communities, MUJI seeks to serve as a platform for creating better relationships among individuals; be it between people and nature, or people and society.

Come and immerse yourself in this pop-up event available exclusively for a limited time only at MUJI ION Orchard store. Returning for the third time this year, the event features a plethora of Japan-imported agricultural products, dried food, crafts, a new line up of frozen food selections and added variety of Japanese specialties.

By bringing Japan closer to the local community, we invite you to come discover and show your support to the Japanese local farmers who had been vastly affected by the pandemic.

Featured Products

Nishikido Co., Ltd (Brand: Nishikido)

Limited time sales!
Taste of Hiroshima (Nishikido products)

“Momiji Manju” is definitely a must buy item if you travel to Hiroshima. This local sponge cake specialty of Hiroshima is baked and shaped like maple leaves “Momiji” and traditionally filled with sweet red bean paste. These days you can find matcha, cheese, custard or chocolate fillings.

Celebrating its 70th year anniversary this year, Nishikido is a long established brand for Momiji Manju and Wagashi, both are traditional Japanese desserts. Besides the traditional Momiji Manju, its “Nama Momiji” range is also popular amongst those who love its mochi-mochi texture and moistness. Don’t miss out on this rare showcase opportunity, as due to strict compliance on freshness, these Momiji Manju are only available for sale while stocks last from 30 Sep – 8 Oct.

Frozen Food

Watanabe Suisan Co., Ltd.

Freshly Caught Steamed Frozen Scallops

The Steamed Frozen Scallops are made from freshly caught scallops from Aomori Prefecture, steamed with sterilized seawater and cooled rapidly, so you can enjoy the original taste of scallops done perfectly. Defrost and enjoy it as it is, pair with wasabi and soy sauce, butter sauté, as an ingredient for Chinese stir fry or as a salad topping. Value for money (41-60 pc/ kg) pack.

Frozen Fuwaran Fishcake (Cream & Cheese)

Japanese Fish Sweets

New Japanese sweets with cream and eggs added to the base of fish surimi. Low calories (57Kcal) and low fat (3.3g). No artificial colouring or preservatives used. Gluten-free.

Frozen Yaki Imo (Beniharuka)

Premium Quality "Beniharuka” Sweet Potatoes

The “Imo No Sora” Frozen Yaki Imo (Beni Haruka) is awarded the "Kanoya Beniharuka" certification by Kanoya City government, given to businesses that produce premium quality "Beniharuka” sweet potatoes.

Why it is premium?
Soil - Grown in fluffy mineral rich soil nurtured using oats as green manure and 3-6months aged compost.
Seedlings – Grown from virus free, bio seedlings of the excellent line "Beni Haruka No. 1”, which yields “Kanoya Beniharuka” that has a beautiful colour with fine and moist flesh.
Ageing - After harvesting, it is transported to the curing facility with soil. Curing is the natural healing of sweet potatoes that have been damaged during harvesting by storing them under hot and humid conditions, creating a cork layer (like a scab) under the epidermis of the wound. This makes sweet potatoes sweeter and tastier, less likely to spoil.
Ecology – Environment-friendly agricultural methods are used. In order to adjust the degree of soil coverage and the orientation of the seedlings, the seedlings are planted one by one. Organic materials are used for mulching (protective covering for the soil).

Japanese Specialties

Hirayama Farm

100% Premium Apple Juice (Fuji)

Hirayama Farm’s 100% Premium Apple Juice (Fuji) is made from freshly pressed Aomori Fuji Apples from its farm and bottled as it is. This premium pure apple juice has the perfect harmony of refreshing acidity and natural sweetness. It is even served to guests in one of the luxury brands boutiques. Come early as only limited bottles are available.

JT & Associates

Visually Stimulating Popular Aomori Souvenirs

JT & Associates’ Apple Jam range, Roselle Apple Tea and Concentrate are a range of visually stimulating popular Aomori souvenirs. Their royal blue and ruby colours are derived from roselle and butterfly pea flower. All the products are manufactured in HACCP certified factory. Insta-worthy products, perfect as gifts or enjoy them with friends and family!

Macure Co., Ltd.

100% Aomori Apple Sticks, Artisan Apple Tea and Strawberry Tea

(Additive-Free, Fragrance-Free, Non-Caffeine) The artisan Apple Tea and Strawberry Tea range from Macure are derived from 100% Aomori apples and domestically grown seasonal strawberries only. Enjoy the gentle sweet aroma of apple or strawberry tea anytime anywhere. Refreshing, healthy and suitable for all ages. Grab the pack range for small gatherings or the convenient cup range to enjoy in the office or outdoors. Pair your beverage with the non-oil, non-additives, no sugar added, 100% Aomori Apple Sticks for added apple polyphonel boost!

Ecoru Hiradate Welfare Association

Dried Maitake Mushroom & Far-Infrared Roasted Matsutake Tea

Ecoru Hiradate Welfare Association supports the economic independence of individuals with disabilities through various support structures, one of which is a maitake mushroom production facility where members are employed and trained in production skills. The Dried Maitake is cut into convenient size for cooking. 20g is equivalent to 240g of raw maitake mushrooms. The Maitake Tea is roasted with a unique far-infrared roasting machine producing a refreshing taste like "roasted tea", unlike those in the market which are made from normal dried maitake mushroom.

Kagoshima Seicha Co., Ltd. (Brand: Morinobirouen)

Japanese Tea Culture

Kagoshima Seicha Co., Ltd. was established 130 years ago as a tea retail and wholesale company by Denzo Mori to promote Japanese tea culture. Morinobirouen range is based on its long-established tea shop Birouen. “Bi” standing for beauty and “Rou” for aging, meaning to age beautifully and maintain health by drinking tea. To cater to modern lifestyles, the Morinobirouen tea leaves range comes in tea bags made from pyramid shaped biodegradable “Soilon” material which allows the tea leaves space to expand when steeped, so that it will taste similar as if poured from a teapot.

Totsukawa Farm Co., Ltd (Brand: Nejime Biwacha)

Japanese Healthy Tea Culture

Totsukawa Farm Co., Ltd was established in 1999 to market healthy tea and products. Drinking tea is an integral part of the diet and daily life of Japanese people. Nejime Biwacha is a healthy tea for everyone from young children to the elderly who can drink as much as they like at any time. 

Bachan Honpo Co., Ltd (Brand: Bachan Honpo)

Convenient packed ingredients and meals

Bachan Honpo specializes in convenient packed ingredients and meals that are easy to prepare and serve immediately.
Try these 3 convenient types with your rice today!
- 7 Colour Vegetable Stew – Vegan-friendly. Easy heat and serve.
- Healthy Vegetable Curry – Vegan-friendly. Easy heat and serve.
- Bonito Rice Stock – Just mix contents in cooked rice.

Arima Hokodo Co., Ltd. (Brand: Arima)

Bean Snack & Mixed Nuts

Celebrating its 100th year anniversary this year, Arima Hokodo Co., Ltd. focuses on freshness and quality ingredients to ensure that its products are healthy for you. All products featured are Halal certified.

Tomu LLC. (Brand: Samurai)

Kenroku Potato Chips and Slices

Nicknamed as the “Fantasy Sweet Potato” when its cultivation was halted half a century ago, due to difficulties in its harvesting process, the cultivation of Kenroku Sweet Potatoes in Ishikawa prefecture has been revived again. In recent years, the harvest and size of the sweet potatoes have been improved after many rounds of trial. The Kenroku sweet potato has an amber flesh, and its sweetness level increases after it has been processed with heat, which makes it perfect for manufacturing snacks and sweets. Samurai Kenroku Sweet Potato snacks debuts for sale in Singapore and is a definite must-buy item.

Fukuyama Kurozu Co., Ltd (Brand: Kakuida)

200 years of a traditional process

Kakuida black vinegar is a renowned brand for premium black vinegar made using traditional process and preserved acetic acid bacteria that is indispensable for black vinegar, dated back 200 years ago since the Edo period. Use it as a versatile sauce that goes well with salads, steaks, and carpaccio.

Ikedako Shokuhin Co., Ltd (Brand: Ikedako Shokuhin)

Using geothermal heat and steam from the ground

Ibusuki Onsen Black Garlic has all the goodness of black garlic with a unique onsen aroma apart from the rest. Ibusuki is a famous natural hot spring and ‘suna mushi’ (sand bathing) area in Japan’s subtropical south in Kagoshima. As the Kirishima volcanic belt runs through Ibusuki, its ground is full of geothermal activity. Ibusuki Onsen black garlic is made from garlic harvested from the rich soil of Ibusuki, quality checked and aged naturally at high temperatures, using geothermal heat and steam from the ground. Eat it as it is or use it in pasta, sauces, dressings or wherever you need the sweet umami flavour of black garlic. 30 times more polyphenol (2420mg/100g) than normal garlic and rich in amino acids. 100% garlic with no additives.

Okisu Co., Ltd (Brand: Okisu)

Wholesome dried vegetables that can be stored in the cupboard

Okisu dried vegetable range is made from wholesome vegetables harvested in Kyushu and Kagoshima, and processed in ISO 22000 certified factory. These convenient, eco-friendly dried vegetables can be reconstituted with warm water and used in various recipes just like fresh vegetables, or simply add into soup dishes for added vegetable nutrients. These vegetables have a longer shelf life, reducing food wastage due to spoilage. No artificial additives or chemical preservatives are added.


Kotobuki Tsumugi Workshop

Traditional Japanese Oshima Tsumugi Silk Pongee

Oshima Tsumugi is a traditional handicraft silk fabric and is hailed as one of the three great textiles in the world, alongside Persian carpets and Gobelin tapestries. In the old days, the spun silk thread was dyed with mud and plain weave to make a piece of silk cloth. Nowadays, beautiful yarn made by twisting sericulture silk yarn is used. 

The process of making Oshima Tsumugu is a very complicated and tedious process involving 30 steps. However, its finished product makes it the most sought-after fabric to make Kimono to be passed down from generations to generations. The pattern of Oshima Tsumugi is created by pre-dying the yarn to be woven so that it becomes a pattern, and weaving it without any deviation by tsumugi artisans. Unfortunately, factors like westernized clothing and lack of inheritance of the artisan skills, the manufacturing of Oshima Tsumugi textile is a declining traditional craft. To promote the trade, the traditional textile is utilized in modern accessories like name card holders, neck tie, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to marvel at the actual authentic Oshima Tsumugi textile at the event!

Kamezaki Senkou Co., Ltd

Traditional Japanese Cloth Dyeing

Kamezaki Senkou is in its 4th generation, maintaining traditional cloth dyeing methods since its establishment. All its products are produced manually like the tairyo-bata, large flags that were traditionally flown by fishermen for good fortune. Today, these banners are featured during festivals and special local celebrations. Many of the designs are often drawn with flashy colours and bold compositions to catch people’s attention. To cater to modern lifestyles, they have branched out to produce azuma bags, carry bags, mask cases, etc. in traditional Japanese designs.