Choose from a variety of sizes and freely combine Polypropylene storage to match your usage and living space.
Take a look at the various example of arranging them side by side or stacking them in the various living space.

/ Wardrobe / Storage Case

A large storage case that can store thick clothing such as hoodies and coats or thin shirts. You can choose the most suitable series according to the width and depth.

Polypropylene Clothes Case
(Width 40cm × Depth 65cm)

The depth is extended according to the closet, and the width of 40cm allows it to be used side by side. Make the most out of your closet space.

Polypropylene Closet Case
(Width 44cm × Depth 55cm)

Since the space within the closet may differ, the depth has been reduced and the width has been increased to make it easier to use the closet space efficiently.

Polypropylene Storage Case, Wide Width
(Width 55cm x Depth 44.5cm)

A wide horizontal storage case that can store two shirts or sweaters side by side.

Polypropylene Storage Case
(Width 34cm × Depth 44.5cm)

Compact and space-saving drawer-type storage box that makes effective use of narrow spaces.
Can be used side by side with Polypropylene storage case / wide width

Ideal for Seasonal Clothes Change

Ideal for the change of clothes at the end of a season.
Create partitions within the storage for ease of use and even attaching casters to move them around easily.

Polypropylene Drawer Storage

A storage case of a size suitable for storing small items and documents. You can use in combination with MUJI storage furniture and modules. Switch the orientation of the drawers back and forth, and stack products of different heights to suit varying needs.

Polypropylene Case
(Width 26cm x Depth 37cm / Half: Width 14cm x Depth 37cm)

You can stack products even if the direction of drawers are switched.
Use in combination with the steel frame (sold separately) to create a room partition effortlessly.

Polypropylene Case, Wide Width
(Width 37cm x Depth 26cm)

You can create combination with the three sizes (thin, shallow, and deep) to suit your needs. It fits perfectly on the stacking shelf and also be used in combination with a polypropylene storage rack.

Storage Recommendations

Enter the size of the space that you wish to place the storage items and the recommended storage will be displayed. This is not only applicable to polypropylene storage, storage made of natural materials will also be suggested, so please choose your favourite material and check it.

*Note: The simulator is for reference only and the storage recommended are subjected to local availability. Product code shown may differ in Singapore. Please check with our staff on product information should you require any assistance.


The soft polyethylene case can be washed with water, and is easy to be used by children. It has excellent cold and water resistance, so you can use them in refrigerators and wet area. You can stack them up if you use it with the lid (sold separately).

Soft Polyethylene Case

It uses polyethylene, which is a soft material. Use the optional lid and stack them together. Number of stackable levels: 2 levels

Differentiate the Usage by Size

A soft polyethylene case with no edges and comes in various sizes from half-sized to deep. Store an assortment of items in the small and half sized case. If you want to store large items, deep case is recommended. Furthermore, it can be stacked vertically if you use it together with a lid.

Polypropylene Sturdy Storage Box

A sturdy box that allows you to sit with the lid on. With a handle that is easy to carry, it can be stacked. Made of polypropylene, it is light and can be taken out to the balcony or outdoors.

Polypropylene Sturdy Storage Box

A storage box that can be used outdoors such as on the balcony. It can also be used as a simple stool.

Various Usage

A sturdy storage box that takes advantage of the durability of polypropylene. Since the lock does not contain metal, it can be used on the balcony or outdoors. It is also convenient to store items such as camping equipments, gardening equipments, etc.

Stocker /
Storage Rack

A stocker and storage rack that can be placed in narrow spaces such as around wet areas and is easy to move with casters attached. The storage box can be used in various ways in combination with the inner trays.

Polypropylene Stocker

A product with casters that fits in narrow area in kitchen, laundry spaces, etc. (comes with side modules)

Polypropylene Storage Rack

An open type rack that can be stacked. You can combine various sizes to organize the storage space under the sink neatly. Both polypropylene case and wide type can be stacked.

Great for Stocking Necessities

The stocker is perfect for storing retort pouch foods and PET bottles. By replenishing only the amount you usually eat, it is convenient for stocking necessities in case of emergency.

PP File box /
Makeup Box

A file box that can be used not only around desks and dressers, but also in kitchens and entranceway. The make-up box can also be conveniently used as a large storage partition.

Polypropylene File Box

Convenient for storing not only files but also newspapers and magazines. You can hide and store different items in the white-gray shade to create a simple colour tone that blend with the home environment harmony.。

Polypropylene Makeup Box

Products with the same width and length can be stacked, and products of different sizes can be stacked using a special lid. You can use it in combination according to the types and purpose of the items to be stored.

In addition to organizing desks and documents, we will introduce examples of storage that suits
various purposes and lifestyles such as in the living room and kitchen.