Experience a new way to shop with the MUJI passport app - your passport to a good life.

MUJI passport

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"MUJI passport" is a free smartphone application designed to collect miles, use shopping coupons, and access information about MUJI anytime and anywhere. It provides news and store information to enable a more convenient shopping experience.

Features of MUJI passport


Receive first-hand news and information about MUJI products and services through in-app notifications. Follow stores to receive updates on store blogs and save articles as favourites to revisit it anytime.

Product Catalog

You will be redirected to our web catalog to access information on MUJI wide range of product selections. Selected products are available for purchase at our online stores.


($1 spent = 1 mile)

Earn MUJI Mile when you shop and dine, simply present your MUJI passport application to the staff during checkout. You will also receive MUJI Mile when you check-in at the store.

  • Please present the ID barcode of your MUJI passport before making a payment. (Mobile screenshot, printed paper and verbal indication of ID number are not accepted.)
  • MUJI Mile will be issued only if you present MUJI passport before payment.
  • If you forget your MUJI passport, you will not be able to earn MUJI Mile at a later period.

Note: MUJI Mile is not valid for online store, gift card purchase, embroidery service, home delivery and alteration charges, as well as corporate purchases.

MUJI Mile to Incentive Coupon

Get rewarded with an incentive coupon when your accumulated miles attain specific tier by its expiry date. Accumulated MUJI Mile will expire and reset by the last day of August every year. Coupon will be issued on the 10th of the following month after MUJI Mile reset date. Coupon terms and conditions apply.

1500 - 2500 miles
  • Retail: $10 OFF with minimum $80 nett spent.
  • Café&Meal MUJI: $3 OFF with minimum $20 nett spent.
2501 miles & above
  • Retail: $20 OFF with minimum $150 nett spent.
  • Café&Meal MUJI: $5 OFF with minimum $25 nett spent.


MUJI passport member enjoy exclusive periodic promotions. Discount and promotion coupons will be sent through the MUJI passport application.

Note: Coupon must be presented from MUJI passport application at the cashier before payment to enjoy the discount.

Store Locator and Check-in

(1 check-in = 10 miles)

Look up MUJI stores location easily and earn MUJI Mile when you check-in at the store with your MUJI passport application.

Note: Only 1 check-in is allowed at the same store daily. The daily upper limit is 5 times and no MUJI Mile will be rewarded upon reaching the daily limit. MUJI Mile from check-in will only reflect 1 day later.

Birthday Privilege

Register your date of birth in MUJI passport before your birthday month to receive a discount coupon on the 10th of your birthday month.

10% OFF Retail:
  • On regular priced garment and household items with minimum $10 spent (excluding food items).
15% OFF Café&Meal MUJI:
  • On regular priced à la carte dishes with minimum $10 spent.

Note: The discount coupon is valid for multiple redemptions within the birthday month. Coupon must be presented from MUJI passport application at the cashier before payment to enjoy the discount. Not applicable for online purchases, special orders and discount cannot be combined with any other promotions. If you’ve registered your date of birth in MUJI passport application during your birthday month, the birthday coupon will only be issued to your account the following year.


How to use MUJI passport

Tap “Member ID” (lower right corner of the screen) for below references:

① News from MUJI.

② Redirect to MUJI product catalogue page in a browser.

③ List of your favourite articles (articles from store will only be shown when you follow the store).

④ Present this page with the barcode when you checkout at the cashier in-store.

⑤ Available coupons (thumbnail will not appear if there is no available coupon).

⑥ Current MUJI Mile accumulated.

⑦ Access main menu for other functions of the app including store locator, settings, user profile, mile records, notifications.

⑧ FAQ and MUJI passport usage information.

Remember to link your social account

Your linked social account will be required for account restoration if you reinstall MUJI passport application due to lost or change of device. Please tap “Linked Accounts” under the drop-down menu to link your social account.