Valentine's Day Privileges for MUJI passport Members

Thank you for participating "My Favourite Valentine's Gift" Facebook Voting.

The activity is ended on 14th February. Winners of the activity shall be announced on 24th February (Friday).

1. Gain Double MUJI Mile through Purchase

Enjoy double MUJI Mile on purchasing selected Valentine's Day Handmade Kits.

13 Handmade Kits include all the ingredients and packaging needed. Simply follow the steps and you can make the delicious sweets easily. Let us send our warmest wishes to people around on this special day, and enjoy the handmade fun at the same time.

2. "My Favourite Valentine's Gift" Facebook Voting

Simply go through the following steps, you will have a chance to gain extra MUJI Mile up to 1,000.

1. Like MUJI Hong Kong Facebook Fanpage
2. Share 1 product photo as "My Favourite Valentine's Gift" among the 12 photos in MUJI Valentine's Day album; add hashtag #214ValentinesDay in the message (set the post as public for MUJI to obtain the message shared from participants)
3. Tap "Message" on Facebook Fanpage to send Facebook Inbox Message, providing your MUJI passport ID and photo number you shared

All participants shall gain 200 miles reward, and extra 800 miles will be rewarded to participants who voted for the product photo with the highest votes.

Terms and Conditions: