Air Purifier Designed for Invisible Needs

Clean and fresh air is essential to a good living. Yet urban environment is always filled with invisible contaminants that may cause considerable side effects to our health form time to time.

In view of deteriorating air condition, MUJI has developed an air purifier which makes use of "Dual Counter Fan" and "360° Dust and Odor Filter" to generate abundant air flow and Helps filter out allergens, pollutants and odor. Let’s equip your home and office with the air purifier to create a pleasant living environment.

Helps filter out odor and particles as tiny as 0.1µm

MUJI air purifier is equipped with "Dual Counter Fan", by which the lower fan gathers and filters indoor air, whereas fresh and clean air is ejected by the upper fan. It is effective in facilitating air flow and purifying indoor air. The "360° Dust and Odor Filter" made of activated carbon and non-woven cloth helps filtering PM2.5 or tiny particles up to 0.1 µm and helps deodorize various types of household odors such as cooking odor, pet odor, cigarette smoke, etc.

Smart Operation Mode

The strong wind generated in the “Jet Cleaning Mode” can facilitate better circulation through strong wind. It is even more effective when use together with vacuum cleaner.
When “Auto Mode” is switched on, the built-in “Dust Sensor” and “Odor Sensor” will detect the indoor air condition and adjust the optimum spinning frequency. With such simple operation, you can always enjoy fresh air with ease.

  • 1. Jet Cleaning Mode
  • 2. Auto Mode

Simple and Functional Design

The simple and light appearance of MUJI air purifier fits in different indoor settings harmoniously. With safe product features, you can use it at home with kids and pets with no worries.

Air Purifier
360° Dust and Odor Filter

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Product Information

Stores available:All MUJI outlets except MUJI to GO Airport Store and Found MUJI PMQ Store

Size:W25cm x D25cm x H49.8cm

Weight:Around 6kg(Filter Included)

Applicable Floor Area:Up to 49m²

Purifying Time:Approximately 10mins for 32m³ room

* The Air Purifier is not effective against every kind of harmful substance. Effectiveness varies from different environment, room conditions, etc.
* Applicable floor area and purifying time figures based on JEM1467 standard of Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association (when operating in Jet Cleaning Mode).