Express gratitude with a small pack of confectionary

In Japanese culture, pochi bukuro (little paper envelope) is always presented as a token of appreciation to someone. MUJI’s “Pochi Gashi” small pack snack is ideal to express your warmest gratitude thankfulness to people around us in everyday life.

Suitable for different occasions

  • Greetings

  • Express gratitude

  • Good enough as children’s snack or travel companion

A wide range of selection is available

  • Jelly Beans

    Juicy candies covered with colourful soft shells, bring in enjoyable sweet flavour.

  • Konpeito Candy

    Traditional Japanese confectionery made of honey and sugar in delightful colours.

  • Gummy Chocolate

    Soft candy made from grape juice with thin layer of yogurt chocolate as coating.

  • Gummy

    Chewy gummy made from natural fruit juices like apples, grapes, etc.

  • Cheese Hard Baked Biscuits

    Crispy and delicious cheese biscuits in bite-size, it is ideal for snack time.

  • Tomato Hard Baked Biscuits

    Tomato flavour biscuits with black pepper added in crispy texture.

  • Soybean Flour Ball

    Traditional Japanese healthy soft candy which is a mixture of soybean flour, maltose and brown sugar.

  • Dried Kelp With Plum Flavor

    Traditional Japanese chewy kelp strips from Hokkaido with sweet and sour plum meat added.

  • Dry Cod With Sesame

    The bite size dry Cod strips filled with sesame Cod that is chewy and healthy.

  • Dried Squid

    Dried squid in spicy flavour with sugar and soy sauce.

  • Shredded Dried Squid

    Squids are cut into bite-size strips with chewy texture. Good to be with beer.

  • Mixed Fruit Candy

    Delicious sweets made from 5 kinds of fruit juices like apple, grape and lemon juice.

  • Plum Candy

    Plum vinegar with salt added to bring out its unique sweet sour flavours.

  • Caramel

    Soft candy made from maltose and sugar which provides “melt-in-mouth” delicious.

  • Yolk Bolo

    Egg yolk small biscuits with sweet and crispy texture.

  • Pumpkin Bolo

    Small biscuits made from Hokkaido's pumpkin, with sweet and crispy texture.

  • Maple Cookies

    Hokkaido wheat flour with maple syrup added for this sweet and crispy maple cookies. Best serve with hot tea.

  • Earl Grey Cookies

    Hokkaido wheat flour with Earl Grey tea leaves added on the cookies. Best serve with hot tea.

  • Apricot Jam Sandwich Cookies

    Cookies filled with the natural sweet taste of apricot.

  • Lemon Jam Sandwich Crackers

    Refreshing crackers filled with lemon jam.

  • Soymilk Biscuits

    Japaense wheat with soymilk added and baked into the delicious soymilk biscuits.

  • Sugar Beet Biscuits

    Japanese wheat with sugar beet added on for this bear-shaped biscuits. Both plain and cocoa flavours available in the pack.

  • Mixed Marshmallow

    Soft and colourful marshmallow with different kinds of fruit juices added.

  • Yogurt Marshmallow

    Soft and fluffy marshmallow with fresh yogurt jelly added.

  • Small Fried Rice Crackers

    Crispy fried rice crackers made with soy sauce and honey.

  • Seaweed Roll Rice Crackers

    Seaweed sheet rolled rice crackers with soy sauce to bring out its savory taste.

  • Shrimp Cracker

    Typical Osaka crispy crackers made with chives and red ginger, similar to the savory pancake “Okonomiyaki”.

  • Corn Snack Chocolate

    Crunchy corn snack which is being enriched with thin layer of chocolate coating.

  • Wheat Chocolate

    Whole grains covered with a thin layer of chocolate in crunchy texture.

  • Milk Chocolate

    Individually wrapped milk chocolate in bite-size, it is ideal for snack time.

  • Chocolate Rice Cracker

    Rick crackers with taste of Japanese soy sauce and covered with chocolate.